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Memphis/Peabody Hotel area

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We will be in Memphis later in October for a conference. I'm looking for a great, fun, and just cool place to take around 15 people. Someplace interesting, with booze and good food. We will be going to Rendezvous Tuesday, btw. Would prefer something that's walkable from the Peabody. I'm so excited!!!! I've always wanted to go to Memphis!


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  1. Automatic Slim's is right across the street. Eclectic and hip with good food.

    1. There are probably 50 restaurants or more within walking distance of the Peabody. What kind of food are you looking for? What's your price range? If price is no object, then take them to Felicia Suzanne's for the ultimate in contemporary Southern. Stella is also great. If you want a little more of a party scene, take them to Itta Bena on Beale St over BB King's. It's a fine dining steakhouse with an exclusive club feel that is also very Memphis. Automatic Slim's is across the street and very hip and funky. Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian steakhouse, is right next to the Peabody.

      1. Make sure you get the Rondezvous special plate. It's a great app. with sausage, cold cuts, cheese and hot peppers, sprinkled with bbq seasoning. Great stuff.


        1. I spent several months in Memphis a few years ago, and loved many restaurants. I stayed at the Madison Hotel and they have a wonderful restaurant, Grill 83, that is quite good. Stella was a favorite, as was McEwens.

          1. One thought for a group is reserving the wine cellar at McEwan's on Monroe. Not sure how many it seats, but 15 seems about right. Really fun setting, and the food is very dependable.

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            1. Encore, about 1/2 block south on 2nd is the resto of Jose Guttierez, the former chef at Chez Phippie, the flagship resto in the Peabody. It is excellent as is Slim's, Felicia Suzanne's, Bluefin(for aisan fusion and excellent sushi), Gus's for fried chicken, Sawadde Thai on Union and a host of other decent places, depending on your mood taste and budget

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                Thanks to all, I made a reservation today at Slim's for what is now 21 people. They were very wonderful on the phone, and I'm really looking forward to it!!

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                    Automatic Slim's was wonderful. The food was excellent as was the service. Would highly recommend it for a large group of rowdies. We also had a dinner at BB Kings. My company rented the whole place out for a couple of hours and it was fabulous. Unbelievable band and just a great time. The only downside is the area around the hotel and the unbelievable amount of touchy, grabby panhandlers!

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                      We loved Automatic Slim's, the food and service were wonderful. You're right about the panhandlers, but if you're firm and "no thank you and please go away," they will. They can spot a tourist a mile away!

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                        I'm glad you enjoyed your experience in Memphis. I just think it is a great town. I've had great culinary experiences there.