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Sep 28, 2007 12:59 PM

Best Banana Cream Pie with a few variations...

I had been searching the web for a really good Banana Cream Pie recipe. My criteria was simple: plenty of real banana flavor, non gelatin-based filling and creamy in consistency. I debated the whole pie crust vs. crumb crust option, and, since I wasn't sure what was more traditional, I decided to go with the crumb crust. I started with this basic recipe:

My variation for the crust, was to mix 1/2 ginger snap crumbs and 1/2 chocolate wafer crumbs, adding a touch of allspice, instead of cinnamon.

For the filling, I followed the recipe as written, but then I added about a tablespoon of banana liquor to the custard just before adding the butter and chilling.

The recipe is otherwise very easy to follow, but...oh, boy! was it ever delicious!

I just had to share this, because I am always getting so many great ideas from my fellow chowhounders. Enjoy!


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  1. I just bought some banana liqueur for the first time this summer (to make BBC drinks) and I find myself using it in a lot of things. A new staple for me.
    I make banana cream pie like this: frozen crust, baked blind. (Sorry, this is my MILs sacred recipe). Regular vanilla pudding on top of 2 sliced bananas. Real whipped cream on top. Chocolate shavings on top would be nice, but I never do it. I WILL be adding the liqueur to the recipe, probably soak the bananas in it.

    Now I'll have to read your recipe!