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Sep 28, 2007 12:32 PM

Help asap for tonight!

So I have a dilema. My good friend and I are going on a double date with our respective men who are being very difficult concerning the Phillies game on tonight. We were orignially going to go to POD but god forbid we go somewhere with no TV's so instead we were going to settle on Mexican Post. I have already been and am not really in the mood for mexican and want somewhere a little trendier/better food. Any suggestions on where we could go that had a TV that would be broadcasting the Phils game? We're looking for somewhere in Old City/Center City surrounding areas.

Thank you!

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  1. What about something on Headhouse Square.... Darkhorse Pub?
    Royal Tavern (Passyunk Ave)?

    Neither are necessarily "trendier" but I would say they both have better food. If you want a TV, you might have to go a little more "pub."

    Public House? Moriarty's?

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      Yea, I wouldn't call Dark Horse trendy by any means. :) They do have Boddington's on tab though.

    2. Look no further than New Wave Cafe on 3rd & Catherine Sts. It is perfect for what you are all looking for... great bar, lively and fun atmosphere especialy during the games, and better than good food... the food is not indictive of the decor, but trust me you will not be dissappointed... Enjoy!