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Sep 28, 2007 12:27 PM

Going to the movies, looking for soup- westwood & pico

Hello hello...
tonight i'm going to the movies at westwood and pico and am looking for some good soup. I've heard of Tuk Tuk Thai on Pico and that its tasty, any other suggestions in that area?

thanks a bunch,

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  1. Very good matzo ball soup at Junior's Deli just barely north of Pico on Westwood Blvd. on the west side of the street.

    1. While I like Tuk Tuk's food very much, I'm least impressed with their soup. I agree with the Junior's suggestion.

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        I presume you're going to the Landmark Theaters at the Westside Pavilion. I have three recommendations (other than Juniors) all within walking distance so you just have to park once. In the food court either East Wind or the stall next to it makes reasoably good Pho. Across the street from Landmark is Chili Thai - very average Thai, but good tom ga kai - Chicken cocoanut soup. And a hundred feet past Juniors is Taste of Hoboken - good italian soups - minestrone, lentil etc. And now that I think of it Maria's Italian Kitchen oon Pico just East of Westwood also has good soup.