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Sep 28, 2007 12:02 PM

I hope I am not breaking etiquette... Italian subs

This is my 1st post here, so I hope I am not crossing the line. I am an 'industry insider', so to speak.
In reading the posts, I noticed someone asked about the best place for Italian subs in the south Florida area. I live next to a small sub shop in the Davie/Plantation area, and sort of stumbled across this business while cruising around, trying to find restaurants unhappy with their produce vendors and looking to find someone to provide quality fruits and veggies from all over the country. I am not an employee of this sub shop, just someone who's now become a customer, and has eaten their food for about 6 years, now.

The shop is called LaSpada's - the first thing I noticed when I walked in is the perfect quality of their lettuce and tomatoes. Unfortunately, no business for me there, but I was turned on to what I consider to be the best Italian sub shop I have ever visited.
They make a sub called The Monster. The thing is massive. I'd guesstimate it at about 14 or 15" long, in the large version, and the way it is built is impressive. I have no contact info, address, etc. for them, but they are most likely in the yellow pages, I'd think.

Normally I go into a joint, buy a large sub, and eat it as part of a meal. This thing is so large it IS the meal. In fact, it usually makes 2 meals for me, and I eat alot. The bread is sliced, a selection of ham, turkey, salami, and capicola, is laid down as the first layer. This is followed by the add-ons - lettuce, tomatoes. sweet or hot peppers, olives, etc. I'm sure you get the picture. Mayo, oil and vinegar, sweet or spicy mustard, your choices. Then yet another layer of meats is added to the top, and tucked under the first couple of layers, making a nice round bundle in the bread. Then more oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, etc.
If I had to guess I'd say the thing weighs about a pound, probably more. For under 10 bucks, in this area, it's a pretty amazing sub. There is always a line of people pretty much extending out the door, and it is frequented by the Dolphins players once they get out of practice. It's pretty cool to watch those guys, too, as the push your sub down the line, adding to it as they go.
Local guys, local fans, and killer food. I don't think you'll find better, at least in my experience. I highly recommend it. Have any of you ever heard of it?

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    1. re: buenosds

      it really, really is.

      In fact, I think I am going to go get one for dinner, now. lol

    2. Yup. One of my very very favorites....and no, you're definitely not breaching any kind of etiquette here....this is about food we love. Their bread is fresh and delicious, their cold cuts are Boars Head and sliced fresh for your order. There are 3 La Spadas: 1 in Davie (sounds like this is the one you are talking about), 1 off of Commercial Blvd. in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and 1 on Sample Road in Coral Springs....they are all the same and all excellent. I know the one on Sample is 'cash only' so be warned if you're heading that way.

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      1. re: Suzyummy

        err...the response above is blank - it that just me?

        1. re: Okun

          It's you. Click on 'expand all' above...that should work. :)

          1. re: Suzyummy

            thanks Suzy

            the Davie Rd. is evidently the 1st - and you are right about cash only - very good point to note

            1. re: Okun

              BTW, The original is just off Commercial Blvd down by A1A.

      2. For the first time in years, I ate an Italian-style panini last week at Fresh Market in Coconut Grove. Rustic, simple and absolutely delicious, super toasted hearth bread, with salami's, pepperoni and capicola topped with melted provolone over tomato slices. I think it was like $7. They have them stacked up, pre-made, in the deli section, waiting to be thrown on the panini press. Definitely not American "sub-style", more European style, but go check it out. I did a quick check and there are Fresh Market's in Plantation and Coral Springs and their website is

        1. Run, don't walk to Talia's Tuscan Table. It's in Boca Raton on Dixie Highway and Spanish River Blvd. You feel like you've walked in to an old fashioned Italian deli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. The "Bronx Bomber" is what they serve in heaven! All of the other sandwiches are great too, as is the prepared food.

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          1. re: larfied

            Avoid at all cost tuscan table, you want a great italian hero in Boca got to V&S on federal between Glades and Spanish river

            1. re: chow003

              Hi chow003 - I'm with you when it comes to V&S but what went wrong at Talia's Tuscan Table? My wife and I keep meaning to try it so I'd appreciate a more detailed warning.

              1. re: RickL

                Its been a few years, but lets just say it was never a good experience. I used to work around there and my co-workers and I went twice, first we were giving them the benefit of doubt, but the second time was worse. I just remember it not being the cleanest place, and bad food. Sorry I cant give more details, its been a few years. Stick with V& S there the best, and a nice bunch of people.

                1. re: chow003

                  Thanks Chow. We love V&S but every now and then we've got to try someplace new...just not Talia's I guess.

          2. My wife and I went to La Spada's in Coral Springs a year ago after seeing it rated a 25 by Zagat. I couldn't believe a sandwich shop with the 4th highest rating in PBC so we tried it and were underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, the subs were good but I just couldn't understand the fuss.

            If you're around Boca, try V&S Italian Deli & Subs (2621 N Federal Hwy.) They make great sandwiches but my favorite is the V&S Special (Sopressata, Mortadella, and Provolone.) I have it with the works including cherry peppers and their own Italian dressing. That's good chow.