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IS there any Good Sushi?

So I've been out here nearly 3 years. My wife and I have sniffed out some good places for pizza, decent Italian, Mexican Thai etc. I'm convinced good Chinese take out doesn't exist so my wife took a class and makes her own. My latest quest – Sushi. Can someone suggest a good sushi place, I live on the border of Marlboro and Old Bridge. I have a prized bottle of Plum wine waiting to be poured. I cringe whenever I get the Sultan Wok flyer in mail box and see that they have both Chinese and Sushi. For whatever reason, that doesn't sit well with me, but I digress. I anxiously await your replies and know our Resident expert RGR will have some good suggestions.

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  1. The best I've had in the area is Ajihei in Princeton. Tiny place.

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      Ajihei (Princeton) is great, so I'm echoing the sentiments of the original poster, and a few others. Not cheap, but incredibly fresh, and good. No nonsense, polite staff, small tiny nook of a bare-bones place. Totally worth it, though, enough for me to have gone there a lot in 2008-2009.

      Ichiban in Princeton near the UPS store (now Zen Modern Asian) was mediocre, but super-quick, and a bit cheaper if you want to fill up. More on Zen Modern Asian in another post.

      11 Chambers St, Princeton, NJ 08542

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        Tried Ajihei last week. Great Sushi!! Pricey, yes; but definitely worth it.

    2. There is a place in Howell called Sushi by Kazu on Rte 9 North. I've heard good things about this place but never been there. The one big difference between this restaurant and all the other so called Japanese restaurants in the area is that Sushi by Kazu is actually owned by Japanese people! All the other "Japanese" restaurant around here are owned by Chinese. I get turned off by that because I feel it isn't authentic.
      But, if you don't want to travel too far, there is a pretty good sushi buffet in East Brunswick called Makkoli Seafood Buffet.


      They're pretty good for Chinese owned sushi place.

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        We just tried Makkoli's last night. We were pleased overall. For buffet food it was pretty good. Certainly not the best sushi we've ever had, but you cannot beat the price. I ate so much sushi/rolls, I couldn't really eat much of the hot stuff. I saved a little room for some dessert, though. All in all, we certainly got more than our money's worth. I'm sure we'll check it out again.

        In that same plaza there is a Korean BBQ place. Has anybody tried it?

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          I liked it but I think joonjoon didn't like it, though.

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            The Korean restaurant is called Maru. I have two things to say about it: It's the best Korean restaurant in a 10 mile radius from me, but the ones in edison are significantly better.

            By the way, it's not the BEST sushi in the area, but if you ever feel like gorging on sushi, Ichiban's 1/2 price sunday sushi is tough to beat.

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              We finally tried Maru on Saturday since I wasn't hungry enough for Makkoli. I got a couple of sushi rolls. They were pretty good, not the best I ever had, but certainly passable. He had the Bibim Naeng myunm and said it was tasty. So it was a good trip.

              I hope to make it up to Edison sometime, since that seems to be the consensus of where the best Korean restaurants are in the area.

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            I think Kazu is on of the restaurants on restaurant.com, which means you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2.00 (two), if you wait for the 80% sale via email.

          3. This place is pretty good. Its about 6 miles from OB to Union Beach.

            I also think this place in Middletown is good.

            I thought this places Sushi was very good, it is on 36 about 10 miles east from the place in Hazlet/Union Beach. However the service was so slow that what started as dining in turned to take and leave. I had a young child who was starved.

            For reference I lived in Japan for two years.

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              Clearly your recoomodations go to the top of my list being that you lived in Japan. I'll be sure to report back. THanks

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                I think we're gonna try Oishi this week. *fingers crossed*

              2. mahzu in freehold is good, for new jersey anyway.... near the freehold raceway mall. chinese food. nobu-san very friendly and sometimes he has ankymo/ onkymo... cant remember how to spell it and sit at the sushi bar! you know of good thai ? please tell me.... know any vietnamese? dying for pho !!!!!!!!!!

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                  found a decent Pho in south amboy, 960 9 south, in the BK mall. decent food, with good service.

                2. Ha! Ha! Angelo, I laughed about that Sultan Wok flyer. I cannot tell you how many I get of those a month!! FYI, I believe RGR does not eat sushi, but I think her husband does.

                  Anyway, I know what you mean. I don't even get it here in NJ because after having it in Hawaii, nothing comes even close!! If you find a place, let me know because I am tired of buying it in Wegmans.

                  1. Mr. Pi's in Metuchen is a favorite of my friends and family. It's got a great atmosphere and really fresh sushi. Mr. Pi himself is chinese, but the menu is predominantly sushi with some unique rolls that he changes every now and then. While the restaurant is on the smaller side, the ambiance and decor are fun and markedly Japanese.

                    1. Angelo,

                      You bet - there is great sushi to be found at Sushi by Kazu located on Rt9 South in Howell, NJ. This is the real deal for the purist. You will NOT find a lot of junked up rolls here. Just simply go here you will NOT be dissapointed. Oh and by the way try the wasabi dumplings for an appetizer - they are unreal. This is a BYO and the prices are not cheap but are fair considering the quality of the sushi and other food as well. This place along with Nobe in Toms River are considered to be tops. My wife and I have been to both and we agree they simpley can't be beat. But, try Kazu first as it is just a hop, skip and Jump from where you live. Good luck and good eating...

                      1. just had another great time at Nobi in TR. last night was live scallop, ankymo(think i spelled it right), giant clam, oysters and much more. i think they remember us from last time. while not the best sashimi/sushi i have ever had, portions are good and alot closer to me than mahzu in freehold(equally as good, never have "fun" stuff during the week though). fish is fresh, service from waietrs adaqate, chefs are plesant and kind.

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                          We have not been to Mahzu for probably more than a year, but it was conveniently located for where my wife amd I were going.

                          We were the only customers in the dining area, but when the next people came in they were put just behind me, uncomfortably close. If I pulled out my chair it would knock into theirs. I could understand if the place was crowded, but with only two tables taken I was not sure why they didn't seat the second party a little further apart.

                          I ordered my usual "Bento B." I was informed I should call it "Lunchbox B" since the bento is the evening portion. OK sure. The salad came and the bowl was smaller than I had remembered it. It did come with plenty of dressing, however. When my bento was served it had fish rather than chicken. The waiter was very apologetic and two or three times said he could cook up some chicken. I assured him I didn't mind. I had never tried the fish, but I think it is $2 more expensive. It gave me a chance to try it. It was good.

                          My wife did not think the maguro (tuna) was very good. She likes it firmer. The ginger was bland. It seems to me that at one time the B lunch included four maki rolls, but I don't remember where they were on the tray.

                          After a little while it occurred to me that the music playing was Beethoven's "Fur Elise." It is a simple little melody that repeats about ever 45 seconds. And they were just playing it over and over again. If it played for five minutes and they went on to something that would have been fine. But the whole time I was there it was just Fur Elise over and over. That was irritating.

                          I paid with a coupon that expired almost a year ago. On a previous visit a waitress told us that they accept their coupons expired or not and that still seems to be the policy.

                          The B lunch is a lot like a similar bento at Wasabi further north on Route 34. I think it is considerably better at Wasabi. Overall I prefer Wasabi to Mahzu.

                        2. there is a pretty decent place in east brunswick on route 18, Shogun 18? i think. it's in a shopping mall with burger king, brothers pizza, party fair.

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                            I haven't had sushi there but I tried their hibachi once and couldn't help but laugh at how awful it was..

                            1. re: joonjoon

                              Agree with joonjoon. Stay away from Shogun 18 if you want anything authentic. Try to go to Japanese restaurant that are run by Japanese, which there aren't that many in New Jersey. You will find a huge difference between those vs. ones run by Chinese ie. Shogun 18. And I am Chinese myself.
                              If you don't mind the long drive, buy fresh sashimi from Mitsuwa Market in Edgewater, NJ and eat at the comfort of your own home.

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                                Another vote for Mitsuwa. When I'm in the mood for really, really good sashimi I usually head to Mitsuwa. For the price of a crappy sushi boat at most of these places, you can get yourself a top-quality fish feast at Mitsuwa.

                          2. We like Oyako Tso's on Main St. in Freehold. It's BYOB. The other night we went to Sawa's in Pier Village. A very good, fun place. They had a bar, though.

                            1. We did not go to Oishi tonight after all, instead we tried Mahzu in Aberdeen http://www.zagat.com/verticals/Proper.... While not horrible, it really didn't stand out in our minds either. My avocado salad was pretty good. The sashimi was average at best, though. Our special rolls were okay. I got the "Miracle" and "Samurai" special rolls. The Miracle roll had huge pieces of eel on top, which was a plus for me since I absolutely love eel. And the rolls underneath were deep fried which I have never had before, which was interesting. The presentation was nice, too.

                              He said his rolls weren't bad, but nothing outstanding. All in all an okay experience, but may not rush back any time soon for the sushi. Perhaps their regular food is better than the sushi.

                              We're definitely going to try to get to Oishi Sushi next.

                              Anybody know anything about Osho (?) on Route 35 in Holmdel?

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                                We can strike Mahzu off our list. I had some G/I problems last night and I suspect Mahzu's sushi wasn't sitting right with me.

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                                  Don't know about Osho, but KOBE in Holmdel is considered one of the tops in the area. On rt 35S, next to Barnes&Noble (BestBuy shopping center). And about 2-3 miles farther down the road is SonoSushi, which I prefer. (And you can get your chocolate fix at Suzy's next door. Outstanding way to kill your diet.)

                                2. I second Ajihei (If that's the same tiny place in Princeton I'm thinking of - next to Masala Grill.)

                                  I also had a good lunch once at a place in Englishtown called Konbu.


                                  1. I have to disagree about the Chinese food comment. I think WestLake on route 34 is one of the best I have found, some dishes better then Chinatown. I recomend the codfish with corn sauce, awesome. Also if you like curry, the curry beef stew over a bowl of white rice.

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                                      I have tried many places, these are the best in my area:
                                      1. Midori Sushi in Highland Park- Usually it is a hit (they mix the spicy tuna as you order... which is a big deal for me)
                                      2. Ichiban in Edison. A couple owns this restaurant and the fish is always fresh.
                                      3. Mr. Pi's is good.... but not as good as the latter. They use way too much masago in anything with spicy tuna- you can't taste the fish!!

                                      1. re: Audi

                                        If this is Ichiban on Rt 27 by Loucas - Agree! This is one of those places that I do enjoy very much. Last week when I stopped in they had some of the MOST DELICIOUS Salmon - the wife told me it just came in, it was SUPER FRESH.
                                        It was an EXCEPTIONAL Sushi lunch. Don't have that too often in New Jersey.

                                    2. I was told by someone whose taste I trust that the sashimi plate at Yumi in Sea Bright is very good, and the sushi also good. Hope to get there soon to report myself.

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                                        The food at Yumi is very good but the sushi and sashimi are cut very small. Even though it's BYO, the two of us never seem to leave without spending $100. The pieces at Kenji in Tinton Falls are nearly twice the size (in thickness and length). The food at Kenji is exceptional. The chef and some of the staff came from Sawa in Eatontown.

                                      2. stay away from mahzu. the place was awful. they were mopping the floor to get out of there early (8pm) and didn't care if the floor was slippery. We ordered sushi and hibachi. Even thought the place was half empty, the sushi came out 1 minute before the hibachi, and they wouldn't wait for us to finish our appetizers before starting the cooking. The worst part was when they started shoveling the fresh hibachi dish on top of my already eaten edamame pieces. They wouldn't even bring out a fresh dish! WE'll never go back there. Management didn't care.

                                        1. I grew up in central jersey and now live in hoboken, and while I eat most of my sushi in NYC or Hoboken, Mr Pi's is by far my favorite NJ sushi restaurant, and in my top 5 anywhere. Similar to great places like Tomoe, he uses a thin layer of rice on the outside of his rolls, which is the key to great sushi rolls. Make sure you get one of his specialty rolls with any of several colorful sauces he has created to top the sushi. He is also one of the few sushi chefs with live scallops, still in the shell, on hand at most times. Also the nutta appetizer is top notch, and if you are daring, ask him about his hot sauce collection.

                                          1. Kazu
                                            Fune (also has a few Korean dishes)

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                                              I will second kazu. It is run by Japanese people and it is really fresh.

                                            2. don't laugh; but some of the best sushi/sashimi I've had in New Jersey is at the Bistro in Red Bank. other than that there is a great place in New Jersey near Philadelphia, can't remember the name..

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                                                On rt 9 in Howell across from the Ivy League try "Sushi by KAZU" simply awesome!

                                              2. Wasabi house in East Brunswick is the best sushi around and Mei Mei on Hamilton Street in New Brunswick is the best Chinese food.

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                                                  I agree with Wasabi House, must try Mei Mai, I have yet to find a decent chinese food sit down place in the 10 years I've lived in East Brunswick

                                                2. Gotta say Ajihei in Princeton, for sure. Consistently some of the best, freshest sushi I've had anywhere. BYO, so bring that great bottle of plum wine and you'll be in heaven.

                                                  1. Good Sushi? Shumi in Somerville is the best sushi/sashimi on the East Coast, and possibly in the USA. But this is purist fare, simple and perfect. Sit at the sushi bar and ask Ike to serve you what he wishes. Some things not to miss are the Monk Fish Liver Sinomono and the Thai skin hand roll. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Every bite is a Zen meditation, and a chance to become one with the best of God's creation. It's expensive and unforgettable. Do treat your self.

                                                    1. Hands down, best sushi in the area is at Edo on Easton Avenue in New Brunswick. Anytime I have something to celebrate, I invite all my peeps there and bring lots of wine and beer or sake to share with Jun, the chef. JUst tell him what you like and how much you want to spend per person, and he'll create a delicious and beautiful masterpiece.

                                                      1. While driving around this past week, I saw a couple of sushi buffets that will be opening soon.

                                                        One of them is in Menlo Park called Todai. It's a chain. http://www.todai.com/

                                                        And another one around Warren NJ or Edison NJ. I didn't remember where. A sushi buffet is coming soon over there called Banzai Seafood buffet. This place is right on Rte 529 I believe.

                                                        Looking forward to trying the one in the mall when it opens!

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                                                          my mistake! Banzai Seafood Buffet might be open. It's on 529 Stelton Rd in Piscataway, NJ. Has anybody been there?

                                                          1. re: wench31

                                                            I'm pretty sure that location was previously a Chinese buffet.. closed down some time ago, so it would make sense for it to re-open as a buffet again. :)

                                                            Here's a number of reviews.. mostly negative... http://www.yelp.com/biz/banzai-japane...

                                                            For what they charge, sounds like I can go to Makkoli instead.. have a better meal, and still have 6-7 dollars more in my pocket when I'm done.

                                                            Since we're on the topic of seafood buffets.. I noticed near me on Rt. 9 North in Freehold.. a "coming soon" sign for "Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Buffet".. in the former "Old Country Buffet" location. Once again, once a buffet, always a buffet?

                                                            I drove past the former OCB in Old Bridge.. no signs there, though.

                                                          2. re: wench31

                                                            Me too, we love Minado in Little Ferry, but it is quite a haul up there. Looking at their website it looks like a fine candidate closer to home. Thanks for the heads up.

                                                            1. re: currymouth

                                                              my better half and i have been known to go to Minado in Morris Plains - on Route 10 a mile or two west of 287 - from our Hillsborough home

                                                              1. re: fpatrick

                                                                For a brief moment, there was on in K Town, but the food was not as good. It has since changed hands.

                                                                1. re: fpatrick

                                                                  I've been to Minado in MP as well as LF, and they're slightly different - the one in LF has a bit of korean influence due to the population there, and serve things like Galbi. I think I prefer the MP location though. (If I wanted Galbi I'd go get some at a korean restaurant)

                                                                  1. re: joonjoon


                                                                    Another option is Makkoli in East Brunswick. It's very similar to Minado. I have been there a few times. Not bad at all.

                                                                    1. re: yCf

                                                                      Makkoli is one of my favorites. I've had some really great sushi (one of the few things I miss about Boston!). Most sushi at buffets leaves a lot to be desired.. some of it I won't even touch.. it scares me. :) But Makkoli's sushi is actually good. I think it's well worth the price of admission.. the most you'll pay is $20.95 for weekend dinner. There's a lot of variety with regards to both rolls and nigiris.. it's freshly made and doesn't sit around, and they don't skimp with the fish.. nor do they load up on the rice. Dessert is the typical small cakes, self-serve hard ice cream, and fruit.. but I don't go there for that. Hot food is good, especially the fried rice. There's also a made to order hibachi grill, though I've never partaken of that, either. I've heard the soups are good. There's a very detailed review of Makkoli here: http://buffets.blogspot.com/2008/02/m...

                                                                      (I'm the one who told the reviewer about the place).

                                                                      Definitely worth a shot if you've never been. One other thing.. the clientele is heavily Asian at any given time.. most always a good sign.

                                                              2. re: wench31

                                                                If it's like the Todais on the west coast, I think it's not worth it. Their sushi is pretty blah.

                                                                My vote also goes to Ajihei in Princeton (I also lived in Japan for a year and am half-Japanese, so I like to think I know my sushi). I heard Koji-san is moving back to Japan, though - does anyone know anything about that?

                                                                1. re: frogophobic

                                                                  I've never been to any sushi buffet in the USA that would satisfy either the discerning or the purist. 'Blah' is a good term. :-)))

                                                                  While I haven't heard any news about Koji-san, if you haven't done so yet, you owe yourself a trip to Shumi in Somerville. Given your exposure to quality, and your appreciation of excellence, I think you'll be quite satisfied if you sit at the Shumi sushi bar and let Ike have his way with you. :-)))

                                                              3. There is a new steak and sushi buffet coming soon called Tokyo. It will replace the Old Country Buffet in Freehold on Rte 9 South.

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                                                                  That would actually be Rt. 9 North. :)

                                                                2. Fuji on Rt. 9 in Forked River has excellent sushi/sashimi. Everything is fresh and beautifully presented.

                                                                  1. I am a New Jersey foodie. I LOVE Sushi! Here are my picks

                                                                    Best Overall Sushi/Sashimi - Kyoto Rt 9 Engishtown NJ
                                                                    Best Creative Menu - Flirt Sushi - Allendale NJ
                                                                    Best Places For Sushi Central NJ
                                                                    (In no particular order for creative rolls and yummy sushi always)
                                                                    Kyoto Rt 36 - Atlantic Highlands
                                                                    Fuji - Dayton NJ
                                                                    Midori Sushi - Highland Park NJ
                                                                    Shogun Legends - Wall NJ (Salmon Edamame Dumpling - Great)
                                                                    Aki Sushi - Port Monmouth NJ
                                                                    Mitsuba - Chatham NJ
                                                                    Mr Pi - Edison NJ
                                                                    Akira - Mt Laurel NJ
                                                                    Konbu - Manalapan NJ
                                                                    Monster Sushi - Summit NJ
                                                                    Nagasaki - Lakewood NJ
                                                                    Naka Sushi - Manalapan NJ
                                                                    Oyako Tso - Freehold NJ
                                                                    Samuri Sushi - Maplewood NJ (The Most Beautiful Sushi Roll - Snowflower)
                                                                    Wasabi House - East Brunswick NJ
                                                                    Ajihei - Princeton NJ

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                                                                      Funny that you havn't mentioned Sushi by KAZU on rt9 in Howell its my #1 pick around here.

                                                                      1. re: Tapas52

                                                                        Kazu is on my MUST visit list but they are only open for dinner and I am usually a daytime foodie!

                                                                        1. re: shabbystorm

                                                                          I remember they open at 5pm.....& well worth it.

                                                                          1. re: Tapas52

                                                                            I had an appt. in Manasquan today.. was heading to Kaya's Kitchen, but at last minute jumped on 195 and went to Kazu's.

                                                                            I think the problem was.. I was expecting to be blown away. And I was.. by the prices. Not so much by the sushi.

                                                                            $6.50 for a pretty ordinary spicy tuna roll. Fish was sliced on the small side, I thought, especially for the price. The warm rice was a nice touch.

                                                                            Overall, I thought it was good. Some of it was very good (like the mackerel - and the only bargain at $2 per piece). Got 2 more pieces of that and a spicy tuna hand roll and then called it quits. $46 with tax and tip. And with that, no miso soup or salad. That's what I get for ordering a la carte. I could've eaten twice at Tokyo Sushi buffet in Freehold. Yeah, I know.. not in the "same league", but I enjoy Tokyo for what it is.

                                                                            Kazu was delighted by my knowledge of sushi, but it didn't get me any freebies. At least he's a nice guy and willing to talk.

                                                                            On the way home, I was still hungry and stopped at New England hot dog for a veggie dog with kraut, Ipswich Ale mustard, onion sauce, and celery salt. That did the trick for an additional $3 and change.

                                                                      2. re: shabbystorm

                                                                        Some great ones on your list. You should also try the following:
                                                                        Ota-Ya, Lambertville
                                                                        Kanji, Tinton Falls
                                                                        Asahi, Manasquan

                                                                        1. re: shabbystorm

                                                                          Got food delivered from Oyako Tso's last night. They're in Freehold center, I'm in Morganville off Union Hill Road.. quite a distance, but free delivery (with $20 minimum purchase).. plus I got to use a 15% off coupon.

                                                                          First up.. hamachi kama.. broiled yellowtail collar.. what my wife calls "stinky fish neck".. I had to eat it separately in the kitchen. LOVE this stuff, order it whenever possible. Theirs was $10.95.. a taste treat.. came with a side of ponzu sauce. Not as big as the portion I got at Wasabi House in Matawan, but more than adequate.

                                                                          Regarding sushi, for the same price, you can either get 1 piece of sushi, or two pieces of sashimi. I opted for all sashimi.

                                                                          Salmon (2.50) - Good
                                                                          Yellowtail (2.75) - Excellent
                                                                          White Tuna (2.25) - Okay
                                                                          Mackerel (2.25) - Better than most, but not the best I've had. Garnished with minced ginger.
                                                                          Toro (5.95) - "Oh my gosh" good. Sublime. Oily, rich, unbelievable.
                                                                          Spicy Tuna Roll - (6.25) - Good, but didn't blow me away.

                                                                          Took about 45 minutes to get here, total after coupon was $29.92. I gave the driver a $5 tip. They brought a menu.. nice touch. Will definitely order for delivery again.

                                                                          1. re: shabbystorm

                                                                            Great list havent tried them all but agree with what I have been to.

                                                                            KAZU is on restaurant.com so you can save $23 if you buy $25 gift certificate for $2 when email regarding 80% off comes around (usually every other month).

                                                                            Also have you tired Mahzu in Matawan/Aberdeen (Strathmore Shopping Center - Rt 34 and Lloyd) along with Kickys across the street. Mahzu is a great family restaurant since they also have the hibachi setups in back. Kickys service can be an issue if their takeout is very busy.

                                                                          2. I just ate at Jo Sho in Somerset. What a wonderful surprise. This is a GREAT traditional Sushi restaurant that has been in business for 20 years.

                                                                            I enjoyed the Burdock Root Tempura - Salmon and Kanpachi

                                                                            This definitely is now one of my favorite places in Central NJ

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                                                                            1. re: shabbystorm

                                                                              I'll second Jo Sho. Tasted great and there was a good specials selection.

                                                                            2. sogo sushi in red bank

                                                                              tomo sushi in princeton

                                                                              the downtown in red bank has surprisingly good sushi

                                                                              and i've heard that teak in red bank isn't bad either

                                                                              1. Teak is a 'boutique' sushi place, not traditional. Cozy restaurant but not a place we give our money to again.
                                                                                The Avocado Lobster Dumplings - OK - the sauce had no flavor and this was expensive.

                                                                                Jersey Girl Roll - in my world this roll has the honor of the WORST roll I have ever had in the entire world - it should be taken off the menu - a culinary insult - melted cheese on rice does NOT work.
                                                                                Salmon with onion chips, mozzarella cheese topped with jalapeno and a special sauce.

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                                                                                1. re: shabbystorm

                                                                                  The best time to be in Teak is Mondays...50% off everything!

                                                                                2. Oyako Tso in Freehold is awsome! Spanish Mackeral and yellowtail are supurb

                                                                                  They have coupons Great place, great atmosphere if you like it quiet go during the week, like on a thrusday. This is a byob they will heat saki for you too.

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                                                                                  1. re: prisb

                                                                                    ^^ one post wonder, just saying.

                                                                                    To be fair, I have been to Oyako Tso for lunch once. It's not bad especially when you have a coupon. The space is nice and cozy and have a decent lunch special selection.

                                                                                  2. If you arent far from the intersection of Route 34 and Lloyd Road, Mahzu in Strathmore shopping center will not disappoint. They even have a hibachi room in back if you have kids. Its BYOB and liquor store is next door.

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                                                                                    1. re: PhilBD

                                                                                      I agree! I had Sushi there a couple of weeks ago, it was really good!

                                                                                    2. Shumi by a mile.

                                                                                      Shumi Restaurant
                                                                                      30 S. Doughty Ave., Somerville, NJ 08876

                                                                                      1. Believe it or not - the best sushi (for this writer) is to be found at Danny's in Red Bank.

                                                                                        Better than being close to the house, is the quality and innovative creations coming out of that chef's hands.

                                                                                        Amazingly good.

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                                                                                        1. re: JustJake

                                                                                          I agree with JJ - I am thrilled with how good Danny's has become!

                                                                                        2. Konbu on Rt 9 south in Manalapan is excellent.

                                                                                          1. There used to be a sushi/chinese restaurant on route 18 in East Brunswick, which now is Perkins Pancake House. They moved to a place near Rutgers and shared the space with a pizza take out. They are now gone from there.

                                                                                            Does anyone know what happened to them or if they opened somewhere else? The owners name is Simon and the cook's name is Jon. We loved their sushi and the avacado/tuna salad was amazing. If we could find them again, it surely will make our day.

                                                                                            1. Tsuru in Basking Ridge! It is in a mall. I eat sushi once a week and this is among the best I've had in NJ. Their other food (apps, a soba shrimp dish) was very good, too!

                                                                                                1. re: chowhounder411

                                                                                                  Yes. 100%. done.

                                                                                                  The confusion comes with the difference between 'sushi' and sushi. Many people are looking for the dragon/monkey/butterfly roll with seven type of fish wrapped around cold rice. I am truly happy for anyone if this is what they really want from sushi because it's all over and will be for a long time. It's at the mall.

                                                                                                  What I look for first in sushi is quality rice and egg: is the rice warm to room temperature? Is it seasoned with vinegar and some sweetness from sake or sugar? Is it properly cooked and neither mushy nor tough? The egg -- is *it* properly seasoned and cooked with delicate layers and sweetness? If it's prepared and cooked for a chef/restaurant before service and all of their (5) fish are pre-cut for them I'm suspicious if open minded.

                                                                                                  That's technique. Is the chef open and happy to talk about how he/she buys fish and how often, and how he assesses fish? Is he happy to educate, or is he suddenly unwilling to admit that he speaks English?

                                                                                                  I have twice tried something called 'salmon' in Piscataway at a decently rated sushi place, and both times it sure didn't feel or taste like salmon. I'm from salmon land. I know what farmed salmon feels like, and what almost all varieties of wild salmon look and taste like. This wasn't it. It was *super* chewy. This goes back to trust. How can you trust your chef if he doesn't know his fish?

                                                                                                  If you want to pick an NJ sushi place, it's probably worth going to sush yashuda, or sushi of gari, etc, in NYC to have a starting point. I can't afford Masa or I would report back. Having harped on sushi, I can say the Jo Sho on cedar grove was OK, as was Ajihei. MoC C or whatever was soul crushing last I tried it.


                                                                                                  But, yes, Get to Shumi if you can drive there in a reasonable amount of tme.

                                                                                                2. I know this is an old thread and I know this will not help those looking for a great sushi place in New Jersey but if you're willing to trek into the city, and can't afford Masa, try Sushi Nakazawa which just got four stars in the New York Times.


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                                                                                                    1. re: ambrose

                                                                                                      For what its worth I appreciate the tip!

                                                                                                    2. Konbu in Manalapan has very fresh sushi/shashimi