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Sep 28, 2007 12:00 PM

IS there any Good Sushi?

So I've been out here nearly 3 years. My wife and I have sniffed out some good places for pizza, decent Italian, Mexican Thai etc. I'm convinced good Chinese take out doesn't exist so my wife took a class and makes her own. My latest quest – Sushi. Can someone suggest a good sushi place, I live on the border of Marlboro and Old Bridge. I have a prized bottle of Plum wine waiting to be poured. I cringe whenever I get the Sultan Wok flyer in mail box and see that they have both Chinese and Sushi. For whatever reason, that doesn't sit well with me, but I digress. I anxiously await your replies and know our Resident expert RGR will have some good suggestions.

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  1. The best I've had in the area is Ajihei in Princeton. Tiny place.

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      Ajihei (Princeton) is great, so I'm echoing the sentiments of the original poster, and a few others. Not cheap, but incredibly fresh, and good. No nonsense, polite staff, small tiny nook of a bare-bones place. Totally worth it, though, enough for me to have gone there a lot in 2008-2009.

      Ichiban in Princeton near the UPS store (now Zen Modern Asian) was mediocre, but super-quick, and a bit cheaper if you want to fill up. More on Zen Modern Asian in another post.

      11 Chambers St, Princeton, NJ 08542

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        Tried Ajihei last week. Great Sushi!! Pricey, yes; but definitely worth it.

    2. There is a place in Howell called Sushi by Kazu on Rte 9 North. I've heard good things about this place but never been there. The one big difference between this restaurant and all the other so called Japanese restaurants in the area is that Sushi by Kazu is actually owned by Japanese people! All the other "Japanese" restaurant around here are owned by Chinese. I get turned off by that because I feel it isn't authentic.
      But, if you don't want to travel too far, there is a pretty good sushi buffet in East Brunswick called Makkoli Seafood Buffet.

      They're pretty good for Chinese owned sushi place.

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        We just tried Makkoli's last night. We were pleased overall. For buffet food it was pretty good. Certainly not the best sushi we've ever had, but you cannot beat the price. I ate so much sushi/rolls, I couldn't really eat much of the hot stuff. I saved a little room for some dessert, though. All in all, we certainly got more than our money's worth. I'm sure we'll check it out again.

        In that same plaza there is a Korean BBQ place. Has anybody tried it?

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          I liked it but I think joonjoon didn't like it, though.

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            The Korean restaurant is called Maru. I have two things to say about it: It's the best Korean restaurant in a 10 mile radius from me, but the ones in edison are significantly better.

            By the way, it's not the BEST sushi in the area, but if you ever feel like gorging on sushi, Ichiban's 1/2 price sunday sushi is tough to beat.

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              We finally tried Maru on Saturday since I wasn't hungry enough for Makkoli. I got a couple of sushi rolls. They were pretty good, not the best I ever had, but certainly passable. He had the Bibim Naeng myunm and said it was tasty. So it was a good trip.

              I hope to make it up to Edison sometime, since that seems to be the consensus of where the best Korean restaurants are in the area.

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            I think Kazu is on of the restaurants on, which means you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2.00 (two), if you wait for the 80% sale via email.

          3. This place is pretty good. Its about 6 miles from OB to Union Beach.

            I also think this place in Middletown is good.

            I thought this places Sushi was very good, it is on 36 about 10 miles east from the place in Hazlet/Union Beach. However the service was so slow that what started as dining in turned to take and leave. I had a young child who was starved.

            For reference I lived in Japan for two years.

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              Clearly your recoomodations go to the top of my list being that you lived in Japan. I'll be sure to report back. THanks

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                I think we're gonna try Oishi this week. *fingers crossed*

              2. mahzu in freehold is good, for new jersey anyway.... near the freehold raceway mall. chinese food. nobu-san very friendly and sometimes he has ankymo/ onkymo... cant remember how to spell it and sit at the sushi bar! you know of good thai ? please tell me.... know any vietnamese? dying for pho !!!!!!!!!!

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                  found a decent Pho in south amboy, 960 9 south, in the BK mall. decent food, with good service.

                2. Ha! Ha! Angelo, I laughed about that Sultan Wok flyer. I cannot tell you how many I get of those a month!! FYI, I believe RGR does not eat sushi, but I think her husband does.

                  Anyway, I know what you mean. I don't even get it here in NJ because after having it in Hawaii, nothing comes even close!! If you find a place, let me know because I am tired of buying it in Wegmans.