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Best buffalo wings near downtown??

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best buffalo wings near downtown?

I live in the River North/Gold Coast area, so please don't tease me by suggesting i go to BuffJoes in Evanston. That would just be cruel.

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  1. My absolute favorite wings are at the Local Option on Webster. They have a slight barbeque flavor- and absolutely delicious! FYI- the space is kindof obnoxious. Very loud sportsbar, but they do have a dining area in the back that is non smoking.

    1. I personally like Yak-zies on Diversey (not on Clark) It is a little obnoxious as well, but they do carry out. Actually they might even do delivery. I like their wings, but I ReALLY like their chix pizza. they basically take their wings and sprinkel them onto a pizza. YUMMY>

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        Unfortunately the Yakzies on Diversey has closed.

      2. Not quite buffalo -- but righteous wings nevertheless at the sixty five restaurants -- 3 huge wings -- last time I went it was 2.65 -- no breading, simply fried naked -- standard amerchinese sauces -- but, hey, bring your own blu cheez & celery, but as an upstate noo yawker by birth, it'll work.

        1. Jake Melnicks on Huron serves pretty decent wings and especially the Latin spiced grilled wings. Haven't tried the buffalo style wings.

          1. Not a bad choice is Lincoln Station on Lincoln near Fullerton, across from Biograph Theater. Bonus is that it's a Buffalo Bills bar on Sunday during the games. You can take it all in.

            1. Probably really under-rated. But I really enjoyed the wings at Finn McCool's on Division near Rush. They have 4 flavors, they make them fresh to order. If Finn McCool's isn't what you like, Holiday Club off Irving Park won best of wing fest this year I would try them.

              1. Boys, i am new to this but can assure you i am one of the most serious eaters you have seen here. I have been eating wings for a solid 25 years. Not just a few wings but wings of quality and quantity. This followed by the best home made ranch dressing you have tasted. These gifts from God, lets call them, come in a variety of temperatures. Mild Medium, Spicy, Hot and Suicide. These are not the large wings but preferably smaller than the traditional wing. They are deep fried until golden brown with what i have t imagine is a very high quality oil. They are then placed in a large stainless bowl and tossed with the sauce of choice. Served pipring hot with a side of celery and Ranch you are good to go.

                One other item to note are the buffalo chips, and are a waffle cut Fry's 2 to 4 inches in diameter and happen to be great with cheddar.

                The location is in Evanston on the NorthWestern campus. They are open late night as well and i challenge anyone to beat these wings anywhere in the country.

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                  sisaacson : Is there a name & adress for this place?

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                    Sisaacson is talking about Buffalo Joe's: 812 Clark St, Evanston. Used to be the best by far but recently have started to hear they have been slipping.

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                      Thanks AG!

                      I like the real thing like what you get at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, so far the only two places I've are way outside of downtown, Frankly Speaking in Mundelein & Dimaggio's somewhere near Roselle

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                        That's sad to hear. When I attended NU I loved Buffalo Joes. I'm interesting in hearing the substitutions since I reside in the same area and usually just make my own instead.

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                      Sorry but I think that Buffalo Joe's is way overrated. I think you should take another look. The side veggies are often old and limp and the wings are second rate with broken bones, etc.

                    3. For carryout only, and not incredibly close (but a very quick jaunt down lake shore drive), try Wings Around The World in bronzeville. Big selection of sauces, including a great dry buffalo sauce, and pretty reasonable prices (30 wings for $15, with up to 4 sauces on 'em)

                      Wings Around The World
                      321 E 35th St
                      Chicago, IL 60616
                      (312) 326-6930

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                        Unfortunately, BW3 is probably better than most of the other options mentioned here. Duffy's wings are also pretty decent. Honestly, though, Chicago is not the city for wings.

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                          Your right, that is if your looking for a truly traditional style like in Buffalo NY.

                          It's because too many places in Chicago coat them in frying batter before frying them up, which just screws up the whole thing. This isn't rocket science, you just have to fry them naked & trimmed in peanut oil for 15-20 mins, the rest is up to the sauce!!

                          Like I said above, Franks for the Memories or DiMaggio's for the real thing or as close to Anchor as you'll get, there's nothing near the loop, that's for sure

                          DiMaggio'sEatery - 142 S Gary Ave Ste 106, Bloomingdale, IL (630) 582-0318

                          Franks for the Memories - 645 E Hawley St, Mundelein, IL (847) 949-9464

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                            BW3 is probably one of the worst options you can go for. I've been in the city for about 6 years and still haven't found a great wing place that blows me away. I'm sad. I went to school in Ann Arbor and had a great wings place, Mr. Spots. I've yet to have anything close to their wings in Chicago.

                            However, I do like Hamiltons up in Rogers park, Lincoln Station on Lincoln, Redmonds in Wrigleyville. Try these places, trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

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                              As someone who lives in Ann Arbor I'm amazed you consider Mr. Spots any good. I grew up in Chicago and Buffalo Joe's, though it may be slipping, beats Spots any day. Maybe it was different when you were here, but they're atrocious now (and expensive).

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                                Sacrilige! Mr. Spots is where it's at.

                        2. I've always loved the Buffalo Wings at the Goose Island Brewpub - the original one on Clybourne near North. I've not been to the Wrigleyville outlet.

                          1. A little family oriented, but RJ Grunts have excellent wings! They are crispy on top of a crispy pile of onion strings! Very mouth pleasing!