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Sep 28, 2007 11:42 AM

Best buffalo wings near downtown??

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best buffalo wings near downtown?

I live in the River North/Gold Coast area, so please don't tease me by suggesting i go to BuffJoes in Evanston. That would just be cruel.

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  1. My absolute favorite wings are at the Local Option on Webster. They have a slight barbeque flavor- and absolutely delicious! FYI- the space is kindof obnoxious. Very loud sportsbar, but they do have a dining area in the back that is non smoking.

    1. I personally like Yak-zies on Diversey (not on Clark) It is a little obnoxious as well, but they do carry out. Actually they might even do delivery. I like their wings, but I ReALLY like their chix pizza. they basically take their wings and sprinkel them onto a pizza. YUMMY>

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        Unfortunately the Yakzies on Diversey has closed.

      2. Not quite buffalo -- but righteous wings nevertheless at the sixty five restaurants -- 3 huge wings -- last time I went it was 2.65 -- no breading, simply fried naked -- standard amerchinese sauces -- but, hey, bring your own blu cheez & celery, but as an upstate noo yawker by birth, it'll work.

        1. Jake Melnicks on Huron serves pretty decent wings and especially the Latin spiced grilled wings. Haven't tried the buffalo style wings.

          1. Not a bad choice is Lincoln Station on Lincoln near Fullerton, across from Biograph Theater. Bonus is that it's a Buffalo Bills bar on Sunday during the games. You can take it all in.