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Sep 28, 2007 11:41 AM

Dine.To [moved from Ontario board]

Hi everyone,

Just moved to Toronto from US and wanted to know how reliable are the reviews on Dine.To. So far I have tried two restaurants that they were raving about and was not that impressed. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thank You

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  1. I wouldn't trust a review on a website where the restaurant pays to be listed and for ad space. I use Dine.To for information about where the place is and for access to their website/menu, etc.

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    1. re: pescatarian

      This is true - we run a menu directory (not in Toronto) and we don't do reviews simply for that fact: they cannot be relied upon to be impartial...

    2. Agreed. DineTo seems to be all about bought and paid for reviews.

      The Hound site has been great. It allows you to be very specific about your needs so suggestions are nearly tailor fit. I've found a few posters whom I believe have similar standards to mine to which I add the 'majority rules' principle. I supplement that with my own feet and wallet research and voila! I haven't eaten a bad meal or suffered poor service for quite a long time. Love those hounds.

      Have you tried any of the other local food mags or newspaper critics?

      1. I like to read Taste TO, but as with every site (except Chowhound) it is one person's opinion. I believe some of the writers from Taste TO post here on Chowhound, though I can't remember who exactly.

        1. I'm in complete agrreement with kawarthagirl and pescatarian. You will notice on Dine.To that only places with a logo to the left have reviews. These are the restaurants that are paying for the full package and are actually getting reviewed. The other restaurant listings appear to be free listings and therefore, don't merit any reviews.

          This reminds me of a local Danforth community paper that asks restaurants to contact them to be reviewed and in return, they'll get a deal on the advertising rates for a specific period. Guess how many got negative notices?

          1. I too just use DTO for location/ph#, I do like that they have website links, I guess that is because they are paid for listings...

            ..the new CH "Places" section pretty much covers this, urls really would be a good addition...

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            1. re: Recyclor

              It's easy to add a website to a restaurant's "Place" link and I have been doing so whenever possible. However, it's sometimes difficult to find a restaurant's URL in the first place. I wish or, NOW, etc, would include website links. But I guess restaurants have to pay for that.

              I'll remember to check Dine.TO when I'm searching next time.

              1. re: JamieK

                I'm glad to hear "Place" allows for that, I too sometimes have a hard time locating urls...hopefully with some dilligent entries it'll become a great data base to back up the content and interest on these boards...