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Main Street Santa Monica

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Any recs on a nice restaurant on Main Street? Just about anything (preferably California fare or Italian) except Indian...


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  1. My favorite is the Library Alehouse. They've got a back patio area if you're looking to get away from the bar and TV noise.

    Library Alehouse
    2911 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

    1. I usually go to Library Ale House as well, consistantly good food. There's also La Vecchia, which is basic italian, and delicious. Their pink vodka sauce is outstanding.

      1. I'm a huge fan of Lula, a little up the street (and opposite side) from Library Alehouse. Good, reasonably priced Mexican food with more regional choices than most places, festive atmosphere, lethal margaritas.

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          I really like Lula's, too. I've read posts that say it's not very authentic, but whenever Ive been there (lunch only) it's been very good; very fresh tastes.

        2. Via Veneto gets my vote. Hands down the best Italian in Santa Monica and Venice, although I haven't been to Piccolo which is also supposed to be very, very good but isn't on Main.

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              I like Piccolo also but didn't the chef recently leave?

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                The same owners opened Il Carpaccio in the Palisades, where the Piccolo chef is now working. I'm not sure if he looks after both as the menus are very similar. Many of the same pasta dishes are also served at Wilson in CC and La Botte in SM.

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                  Have had 2 dinners at Il Carpaccio in Palisades, and I am smitten. Very good. They have a beet-root ravilio in brown butter that is to die for.

            2. another vote for Via Venetto -

              I also love Chaya Venice, always very good.

              The new Hidden (with 4 different cuisines) has been good twice in a row, waiting for a shoe to drop, though

              1. Via Veneto is fantastic and such a great intimate setting. Chaya is always consistent and will please just about an diner.

                1. Nice as in simple and pleasant or as in high-end nice?

                  Via Veneto and Chaya are great but relatively pricey.

                    1. Chaya Venice is good (its brother Chaya Brasserie, by Cedars-Sinai, is better though).
                      Chinois on Main - not bad.

                      1. Lunchtime rec - Shoops deli. Nice sandwiches.

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                          Yep, very good sandwiches although low on options (no Italian meats as its a German deli). Best potato salad I've ever had - typical German, vinegar replaces mayo, with the perfect balance of flavors.

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                            I prefer the sandwiches at Panini Garden.

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                              I love Panini Garden (especially the back patio) but don't think its a fair comparison as, well, its strictly a panini place:) I'd recommend giving both a try to anyone visiting Main St.