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Sep 28, 2007 11:26 AM

Pizza Bella in KC?

I just walked by the new pizzeria, Pizza Bella, on 18th and Baltimore, next to Habitat. The hostess said they opened on Wednesday. Being an architect i'm pretty excited to see a modern design for a new restaurant in an existing building. The menu looked pretty good, and not too expensive. Has anyone been yet? Please report back. I think i'll try to go next Friday for first Friday.

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  1. I think it will be MOBBED on Friday, so you might want to plan some other day. The service was enthusiastic, but just getting wobbly. Our waiter had been hired that afternoon, so he was understandably still a little fuzzy on some of the menu items.

    I went last night. The two of us split a sausage pizza with red onions and tomatoes ($10) and an appetizer of grilled brussel sprouts with hazelnuts and pancetta ($6). Both were very tasty (although the pizza could have used a dash of salt). Nice chewy crust with a crunchier bottom and the right amount of char. Nice selection of wines, wine by the glass, and beer. Daily gelato varieties. The room itself is fabulous.

    1. Had lunch there today. Excellent. I'd say 95% of my expectations. Pretty busy but not jammed by 12:15, it was jammed yesterday when I walked by. My pizza was ever so slightly more crisp / less chewy than I like, but it was still astoundingly good. I had the prosciutto/arugula/evoo/onion/cheese one. Maybe $1 too much and 1" too big for lunch, but a few plus some antipasti for a group would rock. Beautiful space, too. Staff seemed a bit tentative still, I expect it to improve. And the manager said that they may eventually start baking bread.

      1. Anyone notice if they have white pies on the menu? (In other words, no tomato sauce. Not one of those strange alfredo-ish sauce pies the fast food deliver pizza places pass off as a white pie. But you all probably knew I meant that, and it doesn't sound like a place that serves that sort of pizza, either.) The prosciutto and arugula pie barooo mentioned sounds white. Any others?

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          Well, the pizza we had didn't have tomato sauce, just tomatoes. So I suppose any pizza that doesn't have tomatoes listed as an ingredient probably doesn't have any tomatoes anywhere. With that in mind, I seem to recall two or three that looked like they would be white -- maybe one with leeks? Also, they had at least one pesto based pizza.

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            There is one I tried called BiancoVerde and it's white - SO delish! All ricotta/moz/pecorino romano w/arugala and truffle oil.

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              That one we will try next, I imagine. We had the radicchio/gorgonzola pizza, which was a great combo of flavors, and no tomato in sight. It looked like roughly half the pizza menu is "white" pizza!

          2. I went there last week, and it was AWESOME! I am a very picky eater, the menu had enough variety and selection even for me. I had the calamari salad, YUM, and the Margherita pizza. I highly recommend this place. On our visit we had fast friendly service. Check it out.

            1. I was there Friday for lunch. I had the Procuitto and Arugula pizza and it was delicious. Very thin crust and it was even good cold that night for a late night snack.