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Knives, kitchen, steak, Need advice.

I'm choosing between 4 sets of steak knives, Wüsthof, global and sabatier or Victorinox. I could also just get a whole knife set, what I want to know if anyone out there has any of these brands and how they like them, or which one they thnk is the best one.

I have to admit, I am kind of looking to go the high end route with the knives. I know I shouldn't overspend, but in ths case, I really can't help myself.

Also should I just buy steak knives or get a set instead?

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  1. Easy one first - just buy a set of steak knives, we have Wusthof and they are awesome.

    My company does research on a ton of products, including knives:

    After doing the research, we have Henkel's at home, but other users (and I agree) rank Kramer as tops. Kramer makes incredible knives, they were just not in the budget this time around.

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      Good Lord, those Kramer's are incredible! I have never heard of them, and I'm ashamed to admit it ;-) Especially those Damascus steel... I'd like an 8 inch chef's knife, but spending 1k+ on a knife is out of my budget right now too. It sure would be nice to have one though!

      As for the steak knives, we have some Wusthof at home and love them.

    2. I have a very large collection of Wusthof classic knives that i have built up over time. Keep your eyes open for sales. I have gotten some of my best deals at Macys as well as some on sale at Amazon. These are great knives and as high end as my budget will allow.

      1. Sonny, I have worked in kitchens for over 19 years , Im an executive chef ,my first knife was a wustof, I have a whole set at work and a whole set at home. people will disagree with me, but germans know knives, PERIOD. Buy a small set to get you started, and check out justknives101.com, they always have sales. as for steak knives any thing from langouliue france ( i think that this is the wrong spelling ) they are the best by far and I think that williams sonoma sells them but they are over priced there.

        also go into the stor ebc depending on you rhand size , you want something that fits in your hand comfortably. Good Luck

        1. For the steak knives, Cook's Illustrated did a test and they liked the Cuisinart CA4 Steak Knife ($30 for a set of four) as one of their best buys. Their overall winner was the Forschner Rosewood Straight Edge Steak Knife ($80 for a set of six).

          As for other knives, I'm not a fan of sets (like many people who post on these boards). Especially if you're looking for higher end stuff, buy a piece at a time. I don't think there's one brand out there that makes the best of each type of knife you'll want. My chef's knife is a classic Henkel 4 star and I love it. The other knives I'd consider indispensable include my Forschner 10 inch serrated knife which works well for slicing, for bread and for things like tomatoes. You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-4-In...
          I also love my 6 inch Henkel utility knife.

          1. Why do you need a high-end steak knives? If you cook the steak or pork chop the right way, it isn't hard to cut them... For our wedding registry we thought about getting a wusthof set, but we just got a simple 18/10 stainless WMF set, which was less than half the price of wusthof. It works perfectly. With the regular knives, however, I'd go with the high-end sets since cutting tomatoes, filleting chicken are hard to do with crappy knives...

            1. Knives are funny things; what you really have to ask yourself is "what do I want to use these knives for?" If you're looking to make some kind of statement, match everything in your kitchen, or impress your friends... Buy a set, it's the easiest way to get a variety of blades that meet the matching or aesthetics requirements.
              If you are going to do some hard corps cooking or have more than one cook in the house individual knives are the way to go. All of the brands you listed are great knives and most of it comes down to personal preference and care. It's the old wisdom that the best knife is the one you use. It doesn't matter how much it costs if you're not going to use it or care for it properly you might as well spend $15 on a ginsu at the grocery store.
              Steak knives are a separate issue. I entertain a lot, especially during football season, and often cook large hunks of meat or lots of steaks. Subsequently, I require a large amount of steak knives and have many different sets (plus I lose a few after larger parties). In my experience: women like the Globals, men prefer the Wustofs, but the utility infielder seems to be the Henkels. They're quality blades that stay pretty sharp and are just about the right size and weight for everyone to enjoy using. Take it or leave it, but I'd be interested in what you end up with.

              1. Oh, BTW. I have Wusthof Grand Prix set (I wanted the classic but my wife liked the handle better...and she always wins). It's nice: several swoosh with the sharpening steel before each use keeps the knives razor sharp (you can tell how sharp knives are when you're cutting tomatoes or chicken breast). One thing though, I regret buying the Santoku knife. It's too light and I think the hallow edges are more of a marketing scheme than anything (and I do cook a lot of Asian food (chinese, korean, japanese, thai, you name it).

                1. I have literally about 100 different high end knives due to a serious swap meat addiction, most of them german/swiss, and actively use two large knife blocks. I have a lot of parties and highly recommend the Tramontina set of 36 knives ( model# 80019/401) They stay sharp and look good and at 36 for $99 you really can't go wrong. I much prefer them over the Henkels and wusthofs (higher end) I also own and if some get thrown away accidentally its no big deal. -Karl

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                    Oh my, I thought I was the only one with the "throw away" problem - have some friends over for dinner, they help clear the table, next day how many knives are missing...

                    I needed a supplemental amount of steak knives, didn't want to spend a lot, went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got these ridiculously cheap Farberware steakknives - they have worked just great, and who cares if they end up in the trash :)

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                      Heh. I've lost multiple paring knives over the years. Apparently a fairly normal occurrence based on the number I sell at the store to other people "I think I threw mine out by accident"

                      But....at some point a few years ago I also lost my long slicing knife. How do you lose a 12" knife?? To this day I have no idea what I did with it!

                      For the OP: How often do you eat steak and what quality are you buying. It's very rare we eat steak - a couple times a year so I usually splurge on a great cut and Prime quality...so we've never seen a need for steak knives. If I were going to buy some I'd go for the Languiole's mentioned above. This is what I point people to in our stores. I do like the Wusthofs as well - they feel good and look good. Pretty easy to keep sharp. Avoid serrated steak knives and take care of your steak knives as you would your other kitchen knives.

                      For folks who come into the store I work in on a budget I always steer them away from the sets. Overkill in most cases. Put your money in a chef's knife you really like and let this be your workhorse. Doesn't have to cost a fortune. Look at the Forschner - great knife that will serve you well for years without costing a fortune. Add a paring knife and a serrated knife as budget allows and you're good to go.

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                        A steak knife is getting used on china and not getting the sort of sharpening you favorite chef knife gets. If you need a $40 knife to cut a steak...it's not a very good steak. That 36 for $99 deal sounds good. I'm a fan of Forschner/victorianox Some brand names are quite nice...at the high end. In the bang for the buck zone,Forschner is hard to beat. They will be vastly better than generic steak knives. I've been a pro cook for a few decades and I cut more stuff in a week than a lot of people cut in a year and I always have liked Forschners...and so did many of the cooks I worked with.