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Sep 28, 2007 10:39 AM

Save me from Pomona Valley Mining Co. tonight

Having eaten here a handful of times... it's certainly more than enough for a lifetime.

The occasion: small b'day dinner (only 3 of us) -- and I believe I can sway the dining spot, if I can figure out an alternative location.

Closer east (centered around Azusa/Glendora) is a plus. Definitely no Mexican - and my Joey's BBQ idea got shot down already. Trekking to Pasadena was also vetoed (too far west).

I looked up reviews for the area and saw good things about Sycamore Inn -- but have a feeling that will get vetoed as being too far east.

Done the Golden Spur, done Coco Palms (yuck), done Pinnacle Peak... none of those are remotely appealing....

...I'm blanking out - is there anything else? What am I left with... Claremont?? Is that my remaining option? And, if so - where? I'm not familiar with that area at all. ...why do I have a feeling I'm going to the mining co......

Any ideas are appreciated!

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  1. Too bad Joey's got shot down. I don't know your ages or tastes, but one of my favorites in teh area is Buckboard BBQ on Foothill in Upland. This is pure Santa Maria-style BBQ (tri-tip, chicken, ribs), and the tri-tip is as good as I've ever had, including in Santa Maria! Very casual place, but great food. Hey, you could even go to Dr. Bob's for a great ice cream birthday dessert treat.

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    1. re: RSMBob

      Thanks for the BBQ recs. Ever since a recent trip to Dallas, I've been craving BBQ ribs! Will have to check these spots out.

      (The b'day girl is 57 and the other two are early 30's.)

    2. How about Cima in Industry?

      Certain not haute cuisine, but beats the pants off of PVM.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        ...interesting -- never even heard of this place before. The hotel aspect might scare them off -- but it's great to have other option!

      2. There's a place in Glendora called Chelsea, which you might like. It's not fantastic, but it's certainly one of the better options in the area. Fantastic (and highly addictive) garlic rolls, and decent pastas & meat courses. Sort of Cal-Italian, and some Asian influences.

        1810 E. Route 66 (in the shopping plaza on the SW corner of Lone Hill & Route 66).

        In La Verne, Cafe Allegro is a fine Italian. It's pretty small and can get loud, but the food is always well-executed.

        Perhaps my favorite restaurant in thea area is Inka Trails, a Peruvian joint in Claremont (on Foothill, just east of Towne and across the street from Marie Callender's. Good saltados & ceviche, and inexpensive. They also have decent enough sangria, which is always fun, and a selection of Chilean and Argentinian wines.

        I've also enjoyed good French bistro food at a place called Brasserie Astuce, but I think it went out of business. They were moving to Claremont, but not sure if they've opened yet. If they have, check it out.

        There's decent enough Mediterranean fare in La Verne at the Grapevine restaurant (Foothill, between Damien & Wheeler).

        If you're into it, there are two decent Teppan Yaki (like Benihana) places in La Verne, which can be fun for a b-day: Shogun, which also has a place in Pasadena, and Miyabi. Both are on Foothill, a block or so apart, between D and White.

        Lastly, I've had better than average Thai food at a place in San Dimas called Lucky Elephant. It's in a shopping center where Bonita meets Arrow Hwy. I think they're used to serving people with timid palates, though, so if you like your food spicy, you really need to speak up.

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        1. re: Jack Flash

          Thanks, Jack Flash -- these are great ideas. I've been to Lucky Elephant and really enjoyed it - by far the most decent food in that immediate area!

          I'm going to push in favor of Chelsea... cross your fingers! The garlic rolls may be what sells the idea!!

          edit: What's the atmosphere/ambiance like at Chelsea ... (checkered table cloth, casual, a little upscale, etc.?)

        2. Joey's BBQ in Chino, or for a higher end experience, Owen's American Bistro in Chino. Here is a report on Owen's:

          Owen's Bistro
          5210 D St, Chino, CA 91710

          Joey's Bar-B-Q
          3689 Riverside Dr, Chino, CA 91710

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          1. re: ChinoWayne

            I can second Inka Trails, never had a bad meal there. We always over order and enjoy the leftovers for another 2 meals. (I wish they had a cheaper house wine, but the food prices are good and we always get good service there.)

            I will hit one of these BBQ recs this weekend (hub is from Houston).

          2. In Pomona
            try the Restaurant at kellogg ranch
            culinary school restaurant, pretty good. lots offun

            On azusa, in west covina, green field churrascaria

            In pomona, there's a french place that's decent -
            welll i just checked - brasserie astuce is gone, moving to claremont and not there yet.
            for future reference

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            1. re: Jerome

              Jerome - you just made my day! I had NO IDEA there was a culinary school restaurant in Pomona! I will definitely check it out... probably not tonight... but soon!

              ...I'm not too crazy about Green Fields - only one visit, but I found most of the meats to be overly salted and the salad bar to be lacking.

              edit: FYI - from the website for the culinary school restaurant - their fall 07 days of operation for dinner are: Oct 5-Dec 1 (Dinner Th-Sat and very limited hours 6pm-8pm).

              1. re: The Oracle

                very sorry
                here are the details for everyone

                it's still worth the visit though. and you can make a late movie.

                1. re: The Oracle

                  I'm a graduate of the hospitality program up there, and it is worth it. One tip: the later in the quarter you go, the more polished the class becomes. They work hard every week, but practice makes for a better experience. Celebrated my 10yr anniversary with my man there, and it was special.