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Sep 28, 2007 10:38 AM

Staubway to Heaven

Just purchased 5 qt. Staub "La Cocotte" in a sumptuous, warm grenadine color from Sur La Table. It's so beautiful, I just want to look at it all day. Saleperson recommended this over LC as he's heard complaints about enamel interior of LC.

Can I use my immersion blender in this? I'm thinking it's probably not a good idea but am wondering what y'all have to say.

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  1. Most (if not all) immersion blenders have a protective "cage" around the blades so they don't grind up against the surface of whatever they're immersed in. Assuming yours has such a thing, you're 100% safe in using it in your Staub.

    On a side note, I'm glad you went with a Staub. They are so much better than LC, in my opinion. Cheaper too!

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      hey i read that with interest. cheaper than lc ?where ? i am looking for the same staub 5 qt but havent found it cheaper than lc. do tell if you know of a place.

      1. re: foodwich

        I do most of my shopping for such things on There are always cheaper prices on one thing or another somewhere at some time, but Amazon is usually the best - with free shipping. Look for sales once or twice a year. I was real lucky several months ago and got a "starter set" with one 5 quart la coccotte, one grill pan, and one 9 inch roaster dish for $100... on Amazon. So, watch for the sales (Gold box deals). Cutlery & More is a good site too.

    2. i share the warm fuzzies. have my own 'la coccotte' and cant stop staring at it either. after reading your post the small bit of indecision i had disappeared. so now i too have a 5 qt grenadine staub. thank you

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        I paid $20 more for the Staub than the LC, but I think it will worth it. Have never seen a color like that before! Hope you enjoy yours.