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Sep 28, 2007 10:12 AM

Need help! Graduation dinner, party of 20 in SD

I am graduating in December and will have about 20 people (many from out of town) here for the event. The graduation is on a Sunday and we want to do a dinner that night. I need help figuring out what to do. I would love something with a view, but I know that is hard to find with also good food. Price is flexible, just no Mr.A's...or something that expensive. I would prefer somewhere with a private room or at least somewhere that could easily accomodate 20 people. Type of food is also flexible, just no Indian or Thai. It will be December 16 so I know I need to make plans soon with Christmas parties and all.

The other option would be to rent a space and get food from Whole Foods or a catering company...any ideas for this?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Jasmine in Kearny Mesa has pretty good Hong Kong-style Chinese food and does private rooms. Places with views and good food aren't hard to find, provided you're willing to spend.

    1. How about the Shores restaurant in the Sea Lodge Hotel/LJ Shores Hotel..oceanfront restaurant that has a myriad of types of food and reasonable too.
      What's the name of the restaurant at the top of Hotel LJ? Clay's? That would work as well.

      1. sometimes by the time you rent space, tables, dinnerware, etc and then paying for the catering it ends up being pretty close to going to a restaraunt but with more headaches and coordinating things.

        these may be on the higher end of your price range, but try:
        Trattoria Aqua
        George's (will be on the high end)
        Pacifica del Mar

        1. Ok so now the plans have changed and I need more advice! We have decided to do dinner the night of my graudation at a sit down restaurant with just family, about 12 people. The night before we are going to do something with everyone, around 25 people.
          I am looking for something that isn't too expensive and more casual, and with a private room so people can get up and mingle around. Any suggestions? Most people are staying in Carlsbad, but location isn't that big of a deal. Thanks!!!

          1. I would look at Clays in La Jolla Shores for either night. They have a private room,but that might be too much.. maybe they will do a heavy cocktail deal for you...great view though.. Epazote also has a room where they do private parties.. and has a great view. also close to Carlsbad.. a plus..