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Sep 28, 2007 09:59 AM

S. Fla. Hound in Fort Worth/Dallas

Dear Hounds,

I'm an adventureous eater. I'll be staying in Ft. Worth for a week. I used to live in College Station. So a good BBQ joint is a must. I'm looking for inexpensive to moderately expensive places. I can eat anything from BBQ to Korean and authentic ethenic places . I'll be hanging out with a college buddy so good watering holes probably not a bad idea, (single place for the buddy!).

Thank you,


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    1. re: chickstein

      Thank you. Do you know of other places?

    2. If you want a great burger, and you are in Dallas go to Keller's on NW Highway. The one on Harry Hines is good, but not the best. Sit in your vehicle and order. Even longnecks taste better there. Its a promise.

      1. Campisi's has some of the best Italian food around. Watch the times, the lines get long. Great pizza though. On mockingbird ln in Dallas east of central express. (75)

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        1. re: redblaze83

          For good Italian I prefer Mi Piaci in Addison, on Montfort.

        2. Billy Bob's is cool. Anywher around the stockyards in Ft Worth in good. Food and music. Greenville Ave in Dallas, North and South Greenville has some interesting places.

          1. Since there are very few Korean and for that matter good Chinese around South Florida, you might want to try Royal & 35 area. If you head East just past the highway is Seoul Garden. If you head right west there are a number of good Korean places.

            You can take the Beltline exit off 75 and head east to greenville and then North on greenville. There are a number of good chinese places.

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            1. re: irodguy

              Irod, thanks. Is the Korean place you mentioned is a Korean BBQ joint by any chance?

              1. re: Rimtalay

                Yep it's Korean BBQ among other things. They are the best for cook at the table, they bring you out a pot of hot coals.

                Also fun is heading west on Royal from 35 is Komart which is a Korean grocery, there are several places around it and also a "lunch counter". Again quite a bit different than anything in South Florida, at least different than anything I have ever been to in Lauderdale or Boca...

                Another interesting place if you want something different is Mr. Shabu Shabu on Coit just South of Park on the NE corner. Again it's a cook at the table, with lots of different kind of "hot pots" from traditional Shabu Shabu to chinese etc.

                1. re: irodguy

                  I'm back in S. Fla. thank you for all the helps. I went to Railhead twice. Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. The meats were dried and the sauce was too sweet. I think Goode Co. in Houston is better.
                  I also went to Taverna in Sundance Sq. I had a risotto with wild boar sausage & cranberries. The risotto was undercooked and crunchy. I had lunch a the Modern at Ft. Worth modern arts museum. The lunch was great, I had a roasted beef sandwich & coffee. Both were excellent.