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Sep 28, 2007 09:48 AM

Good, quick chow between Bay Area and South Lake Tahoe

I'll be heading from Oakland to South Lake Tahoe after work today for a weekend of backpacking in Desolation Wilderness.

We'll be taking I-80 East to Hwy 50 East -- can anyone recommend some good options for a quick dinner along that route? We're thinking more along the lines of a great taqueria than a more formal sit-down restaurant?

If this has been covered in a previous thread, please direct me there -- I couldn't find anything by searching.


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  1. There's a place is Sacramento called Jacks Urban Eats

    2535 Fair Oaks Blvd
    Sacramento CA 95825
    (916) 481-5225

    They are about 2 easy miles off the freeway and they have unique and good food.
    They are fast too. You order at a counter, watch them make your food and pay for it at the end of the counter, then go find a seat. Worth the trip off the freeway for somthing different. They are in a big shopping center.

    Across the street from Jacks there is a great taqueria called Taqueria Guadalajara. I eat breakfast there most of the time rather than dinner. They have good refried beans and horchata.

    1. In Davis there is a good taqueria right off the freeway called Guadalajara Grill. It's on Mace Boulevard (West of 80) in a shopping center with a Nugget supermarket (decent selection of cheeses there too.) They have a nice outdoor patio. Most everything I've tried is good, but I usually end up with tacos.

      1. a side note: don't forget extra back country food w/ lots of calories. Local was rescued in L. Edison area backcountry after a week on a ledge from being caught in an early snowstorm. He had plenty of chow on hand, thank goodness.