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Sep 28, 2007 09:26 AM

Best "bad" Chinese in Yonge/Bloor area???

I have a craving for the take-out Chinese food of my youth. You know, the kind delivered in brown paper bags with a menu stapled to the top? The kind you eat while watching movies you've already seen ten times with your feet up on the coffee table?

I would love to hear about a place that has a "dinner special for two" including such no doubt un-authentic dishes as chicken chop suey...sweet and sour spare ribs, BBQ pork, egg rolls, chicken fried rice...meat and mixed veg...(or all individually). And preferably taste good. It will likely be consumed directly from the take-out containers and washed down with Tsing Tao, but tasty and not *too* greasy would be a plus.

Does anyone have a favorite Chinese(ish) place either around Yonge and Bloor or that delivers?


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  1. Love China Garden at Bloor and Avenue. Yummy gooey General Tso's chicken (with lots of chicken, less batter), hot and sour soup, green beans with chili sauce... I know they have set menus, but can't tell you what's in them. They definitely deliver. They're a little skimpy on the steamed rice, so order more than you think you'd need, if you choose 'em.

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      Thank you! That's a good start...anyone else? I like the idea of more chicken, less batter...:).

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        Growing up at Bathurst and Eglinton a Sunday evening delivery from China House was a regular deal. It is a little far from Yonge and Bloor but I believe the food there is exactly what you are looking for. It's on the south side of Eglinton, the 3rd block west of Bathurst. Check it out.

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          Excellent - I will. Hopefully they deliver to my area. I haven't been able to find a China Garden menu online, so it would be great to find a China House menu... Thanks!

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            Oh yeah....China House.....I think they still have the water bridge!!!
            Our favorite though was Canton Terrace which closed about 10 years ago. I could go for some of those red chicken balls tonight.

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              China House is our absolute favourite old tyme, growing up , way back when place....we order from them at least twice a month. We live at Davenport & Dupont and they have delivered to us since 1972!!! Apart from the usual red sauce fare which has a special place in our hearts we order BBQ spare ribs and ask for the 'long ones'....sometimes two orders since there are usually 5 in an order and I don't want to share!! Call them, they might be convinced to deliver to your area ....

          2. re: Minnow

            I will never go to this place again. I ordered the sweet and sour chicken, and the balls were so over-cooked I actually chipped a tooth on them. The hot and sour soup was neither hot nor sour. Feh.

            1. re: Minnow

              about 5 yrs ago they had awesome ss pork but i haven't been since

            2. A good to excellent "Canadian" (I would never use the word bad) Chinese food establishment can usually be determined by the quality of their egg rolls imo. With that in mind, I find that the quality of Canadian-Chinese food has gone down signficantly over the decades. The lower end and more popular ones have gone the food court route, whereas the better ones have been overtaken by "traditional" style...really in most Chinese (Cantonese) restaurants of all styles, you will still find the S&S, fried rice, and other stir frys (just not that much use of bean chop suey), but usually these are not done as well for a western palate as the old good standby Chinese-Canadian restaurant of say 20 -30 years ago...

              1. If I'm reading you correctly, you want an old-fashioned chop suey house. Our poison of choice is Peking Express at 217 Parliament St. just north of Queen. Take-out and delivery only. They may have exactly what you're looking for. Except a website.

                They very likely have all the dishes you recall from your youth. About $20 feeds two people generously and there's STILL leftovers. When Charles is in the house the egg rolls are never greasy.

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                1. Hi,

                  I like the Fireplace Restaurant at Jarvis and Carleton . . . It's pretty good . . .


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                    Hey thanks Googs and snackboy, I will try out both....

                    1. re: T Long

                      So a work colleague and I went to Fireplace for lunch....suffice to say, my quest for the good Chinese food of my youth will continue. The food itself was actually fine and the service was friendly, but its not authentic Canadian Chinese imo. I also was not impressed with the decor/setting....we were virtually alone at noon in the dining room too. Next to try is take-out from Peking Express...

                      1. re: T Long

                        Take a look at Peking Express' menu on their website. Note their Family "Dinner for Two" and then read your "Special Dinner for Two" on your original post. Kismet.

                        1. re: Googs

                          Hey Googs: I tried a lunch combo for 1 takeout from Peking Express and had a nice chat with Charles today. I think the place has potential....I liked the egg rolls, not so thrilled with the BBQ fried rice or SS ribs, but still acceptable. I think another kind of fried rice and SS Chicken or Pork would have been better choices for me...will try next time. The difficulty for me is that I don't live in the area and they are only open for lunch on Thursdays. Bottomline, you guys are lucky to have this place in your area when you feel the urge for good Chinese-Canadian comfort food. Only wish they were in N. Scarborough.

                    2. re: snackboy

                      I second Fireplace. Try the Fireplace chicken, very tasty.

                      1. re: snackboy

                        I always thought Fireplace tried too hard to be a real resto instead of what it is.

                        1. re: Googs

                          Hey Googs: If Fireplace has very good Cdn-Chinese in a comfortable will be a great find for me...looking forward to trying the SS spareribs and egg rolls in particular....hoping it brings back memories from 30+ years ago.