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Sep 28, 2007 09:12 AM

Santa Clarita/Valencia Recs? Nothing fancy -

Oh joy! I will be out in Valencia tonight and all day tomorrow. I will be busy tomorrow and won't have much time to eat out except for breakfast. I'm looking for one breakfast recommendation...maybe a diner or something a little less crowded. I like fresh baked goods and mexican breakfast (Mmmmmm chilaquiles) Willing to drive no more than 10-15 miles outside of CalArts. For lunch and dinner I will only be able to grab something for pick-up. Doesn't necessarily have to be fast foodey but if I can call it in ahead of time (menu online a must) then it'll be cool. Any recommendations? Yeah, I know this area is like the chain restaurant capital of LA but is there hope? I don't mind chains that much if they are good but they (mostly) just aren't really that good, huh.

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  1. Here are a few non-chain recommendations. I've tried to come up with places real close. If I think of others later, I'll post them, I need to dash out.

    For breakfast I would recommend Lily's Cafe on Lyons (attached to the bowling alley)
    Its like a diner inside. Their breakfast is good and fast. Their lunch is good too - real roast turkey, good burgers. No fresh baked goods, but excellent eggs, potatoes, ham steak, etc.

    For lunch or dinner I would recommend Nardone's also on Lyons in the Rite Aid center - and I found a menu here:

    The closest place to CalArt for lunch and or dinner would be Abbey Lane, I've never eaten there, just gotten drinks and dessert. My neighbors like it

    Mulligan's is good for sandwiches, burgers etc, but I can't find an online menu - Is there somewhere they could maybe fax a menu to you?

    L B Mulligan's
    25848 Tournament Road
    Valencia 661-255-3356

    Lily's Café
    23700 Lyons Avenue
    Newhall 661-259-9656

    23367 Lyons Avenue
    Newhall 661-286-1011

    1. Not sure where CalArts is in the area, but here is a review I wrote of a little place we found about a month ago. Definitely not fancy (not even close) but the food is good and honest (great prices, too)! Cash only (they charge an additional fee for credit cards).
      Also, Las Delicias around the corner on Lyons has really good Caldo de Res and Al Pastor Tacos.

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        OOh, hope its not to late for you to see it. I wouldn't try Jasmins this weekend, there is some kind of street festival going on and Parts of San Fernando road are shut down for chalk painting.