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Sep 27, 2007 08:56 PM

What to do with Pumpkin [Split from Los Angeles Area board]

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well, there are the classics of pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. There's also pumpkin cake (heck dunkin donuts sells pumpkin muffins this time of year). I've been looking to try and a sautee application with sweet onions. You can also stuff pumpkins (very popular in early colonial America, back then they called them pumions)

and REMEMBER that the seeds can be roasted and eaten. You could also just buy that Austrian pumpkin seed oil. The problem with the seeds is the hulls, and I just can't do that thing with my teeth where you split it and get out the kernel. Apparently you can roastthem and then run them over with a rolling pin and that's supposed to be fast.

Speaking of which, here's something weird in case anybody reads this, there's are varieties of pumpkins you can grow in which the seeds do not have the hull (well, it's a lot thinner). They're usually marked as naked-seed or hull-less. One particular variety is large and has almost no hull, developed for the pumpkin seed oil industry in Austria, called 'Kakai'.

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    1. my current pumpkin fave is the kabocha pumpkin. A lot of things we call "squash" are actually pumpkins.

      I love to cut them, seed them, cover them in cinnamon, a little salt, splenda or sugar free syrup and nutmeg and roast them. (use real syrup and brown sugar if you don't care about calories!)

      kaboch skins are good fried or boiled till crisp and then sugared and salted.
      I also like sugar pumpkins, cushaws, hubbards, delicatas and more (yes, ALL are pumpkins!)

      Cut off the top, seed them, bake them whole and make a pie.

      Prepare and Roast or bake as above, till done, Scoop out the goop and leave the shell. sautee some onion and garlic n olive oil, add the roast pumpkin, add a carton of veggie broth, a little bourbon or whiskey, salt, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. simmer till soft. Blend with a hand blender, adding more broth if needed. serve in the shell or in bowls accented with roast pine nuts and a swirl of heavy cream or yogurt!