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Sep 28, 2007 08:56 AM

Denver: Any thoughts on Il Posto?

It is always packed, which I realize isn't necessarily a sign of quality in this town, but I am intrigued and have a weak spot for Italian. Has anybody eaten there? What was your impression?

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  1. Have yet to go. Our Gang was good, for a neighborhood Italian spot, and we did it about every six months - if we couldn't get into Marcellino's.

    Gotta' go, as they are just over the hill from me. I saw a few very early reviews, that were not complimentary, but they had just opened/re-opened.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Where are "Our Gang" and "Marcellino's?"

      1. re: ColoradoFun

        I had a MAJOR Duh! moment. It wasn't until just now, that I saw the first word of the post - "Denver." In Phoenix (same board) Il Posto just opened up, in the spot where Our Gang was located for a dozen years. Same management, but a complete re-do, and it's not gotten favorable reviews. I missed Denver. Guess that I've just been gone too long, but still refer to Phoenix as Denver, in conversation, if I'm not thinking clearly.

        Obviously my post has nothing to do with a restaurant with the same name up there.

        Hunt, who's wiping a bunch of egg off his face right now...

    2. Oddly enough Bill, I'm in Phoenix as well, but I did have dinner at Il Posto when I was in Denver on business last month.

      I found it a good value, and the food very satisfying. They had great bread with the meal, including an olive loaf that absolutely recommend. Dinner we split a mix of entrees ranging from Chicken Marsala to Pesto ravioli.
      All well prepared and very tasty, Couple of dishes were a little salty,

      Wine list was decent, and good by the glass selection, I had montepulciano that was very nice for $8. I'd definitely go back ...