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Sep 28, 2007 08:50 AM

Berrywild review - new frozen yogurt contender

Berrywild is the new frozen yogurt place on 30th and 3rd. It offers 2 types of frozen yogurt - Berrysmooth and Kinda Icy. Berrysmooth is creamier and smoother, and Kinda Icy is much more bitter, sour, with larger ice particles.

Last night I went and the plain Berrysmooth unfortunately ran out right before I got to the counter, so I couldn't even try it, but the coffee Berrysmooth was delish! Smooth, flavorful, rich, cold and beautiful on the tongue. My only complaint is that I walked 4 blocks to take it home, and half of it was a puddle by that time.

It's $3 including tax for a small, and much creamier than Pinkberry. The Berrywild, at least, is worth checking out.

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  1. How does it compare to Flurt or Bloomingdale's frozen yogurt? Berrysmooth sounds really good. What toppings do they offer?

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      They offer the usual fruit and cereal toppings, each $0.75 or a medium plus 3 toppings for $5.50. I am cheap so I like to walk my frozen yogurt home and add my own toppings (today i got some godiva chocolate covered pretzels - yums!) and I'm eating those with the coffee berrywild. Must say I was tempted by the raspberry truffles - the type that look like mini reeses cups and break open to reveal raspberry goodness, and will get those next time. I got to try the plain berrywild and it sorta tasted like cream cheese.

      I'm actually not opposed to the cream cheese based frozen yogurt that have mix ins directly added in to create unique flavors, but that's creamier than berrywild. The plain flurt is much better and creamier and has that tangy kick. But the coffee is really sublime - kinda like coffee yogurt mousse.

      My main complaint about berrywild is that it's 4 blocks away and melts faster than flurt, which is over 12 blocks away.

      I was supposed to go to the gym instead. . .ugh! Damn my froyo addiction.

    2. Another thumbs up for Berrywild. I think it's a good buy for $2.75 plus tax, and the portions are large. I had difficulty finishing my small. The kinda icy is just like Pinkberry, if you like that kind of thing. I like the berry smooth better. Compared to Bloomingdale's it's not as tart or thick (but the gum in Bloomingdale's makes it feel artificial). If I had to rank them in order, it would be: Bloomingdale's, Berrywild, Flurt and Pinkberry.

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        I third Berrywild. It's right near my apartment and i'm thrilled to have the option. I agree that it is much more reasonably priced than pinkberry- no need to spend $12 on a post-dinner snack for me & my bf. I stick mostly to the kinda icy, but have tasted the coffee flavor smooth one and it was very good (way better than tasti or hagen dazs coffee flavor). It is similar to Pinkberry- probably a drop less icy, which is good. I'd say it's equally as good as Yolato (my previous favorite) and a drop better than Flurt. They're all very similar. Never tried Bloomingdale's (must remedy that!)