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Sep 28, 2007 08:38 AM

Lafayette, LA Recommendations?

Any recommendations for a northeastern city person who does not eat pork products or shellfish in Lafayette, LA? All of the recommendations I have received have told me what to do in town rather where to eat. Thanks!

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  1. I would definitely recommend Cafe Vermilionville for fine dining. The pecan-crusted tilapia and the beef tourneados are excellent. I've heard the turtle soup is, too, but I haven't tried it because I love seafood and must have the crab cakes. The white chocolate bread pudding is exceptional, as good as the Palace Cafe, if not better.
    I also like LaFonda, though I'm aware many do not. But the following items are consistent favorites in my family: cheese quesadillas, cheese enchiladas, guacamole and carne asada. In fact, since the carne asada is accompanied by a cheese enchilada and a guacamole salad, we usually order that with an appetizer of cheese quesadillas.

    1. It's heresy to mention a chain, but I really like Zea. It's a small chain that started in the New Orleans area, and now has 4 locations there. It has expanded to Lafayette and a few other places (10 stores in all). Anyway, there's a good variety for the non-shellfish or pork eater. You can check out the menu.

      1. Imonelli's has good Italian, especially the lasgna as I recall. Prejean's is north of the city on Interstae 49 and has very good Cajun.

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          Prejean's quail, duck and andouille gumbo at jazz fest is outstanding!

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            Unfortunately, andouille is made with pork. But Prejean's does have a FEW duck and fish dishes (chicken and possibly beef as well)) on the menu that are not cooked with pork or shellfish. However, I would not say they were necessarily prepared in the Cajun manner.

        2. For fun and decent mexican -- LaFonda is a classic. Good margaritas. Blue Dog has good, basic seafood cuisine.

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            Blue Dog is my favorite. I often drive from Baton Rouge to eat there. I love the food and the ambience. Love seeing the original Rodrigue's hanging on every wall.