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Sep 28, 2007 08:33 AM

Garrett County, MD (ktmoomau - help)

Going WW rafting next Friday on the Upper Yough. Spending Thursday night in Friendsville, MD and will have some extra time on Thursday evening and Friday morning before rafting. Have been told the Amish bakery in Oakland is a can't miss. Any other recommendations Will probably want to see Deep Creek Lake while there. Do I need to visit the Ohiopyle, PA area?

Will be heading up there on Thurday and plan on stopping to have lunch in Fairmont or Clarksburg. Have heard great things about the eats in these 2 towns- especailly Italian. Will probably have dinner at Meanrd's on Friday evening. Spending Fri. evening in Summersville, WV since I'm headed back to the New River Gorge.

ktmoonau- you were very helpful before. How far is Oakland from Friendsville?

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  1. Oakland is probably about 20 minutes from friendsville and the Amish Bakery is a must!!! Especially if they have fresh donuts! I have never had a krispy kreme, but I would put money that these are better. They have all sorts of other good stuff too.

    On Deep Creek there is a restaurant called Lake View Inn (used to be point view inn) it is off 219 onto Deep Creek RD after you pass like Smiley's and that bug hub of stuff. I think it is the best lake front eating, they have an outside seating. Also by the lake I really like Canoe on the Run for a breakfast/lunch I don't know if they serve dinner, but they probably have a website.

    Closer to Friendsville is also the Savage River Lodge which is a bit of a drive, but last time I was there it had great food (although I saw some mixed reviews on here more recently).

    I like Ohiopyle I think it has good rafting, but the whole area is full of rafting options. If you go get directions to Conellsville and after rafting eat at the Riverfront (I think that is the name, but the town is so small you won't miss it pretty restaurant right on the river). Also near Ohiopyle is a little diner called Gleason's which is pretty good. You will also pass Nemacolin which has exceptional food, but is dressy and fancry fyi. Also in that area is a place I think it called the Stone House Inn, and it has good food, as well.

    I would suggest breakfast at the amish bakery of donuts, but if you want something more substantial there is a restaurant in downtown oakland called Englanders that is an old soda fountain type place with breakfast food (a little greasy, but not bad). Also in Oakland on your way on 219 past downtown oakland but before you get all the way through town is a little mart like place called the Get'N Go, they have very good chicken salad, and there other hot foods are homemade and they have some good stuff. Arrowhead market is also a good stopping place for a packed lunch they have a good deli, much better than any other in the lake area.

    Def get italian in Fairmont or Clarksburg lots of italian coal miners used to be in the area. If you get a chance find some pepperoni rolls they are a regional specialty.

    Pack layers sometimes it is freezing, sometimes it is burning up, the friendsville area normally stays a little warmer though than other parts of the county.

    Oh and I forgot to add also on the lake there used to be a place called Silver Tree Inn that had great Italian food, but closed, but I heard it is open again (this happens a lot), but this time it is as good as it used to be. Since you are getting Italian elsewhere though you might want to pick something else.

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      ktmoomau - Thanks for all your help. What's your take on the place in Grantsville - the Amish place? Can't remember the name right now. Is it worth the drive? Do you think the Lake View Inn is the best bet for dinner Thursday night? I will be having lunch in Clarksburg or Fairmont and probably will be wanting to eat dinner within 20-30 minutes of Friendsville. Definitely will get to Oakland to the Amish bakery on Fri. morning. Not meeting to go rafting until 11:30 AM. In terms of areas to check out do you recommend Deep Creek Lake or Ohiopyle more? Ideally I would like to see both since I've never been there before.

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        The Amish place in Grantsville Penn Alps, not bad. It is solid country food, they have things like real country ham, green beans, kind of country classics, probably have good chicken fried steak and that sort of thing. I haven't eaten there in forever, but I am sure they still have some good stuff. I am sure they still have good dessert though.

        Lake View Inn will be slightly more contemporary food mostly fish and steak, some salads, wraps, burgers, here is their menu online

        Ok so in terms of doing stuff at Ohiopyle or Deep Creek- the lake will probably be a little cold, but you can still kayak, or rent a boat, hike around the area, fly fish, Wisp has some crazy stuff now too, they have like the alpine slide kind of thing, a built white water course they will teach you to run, and I think they have a fake ski slope you can enjoy until there is real snow. There is also Deep Creek state park, which should be pretty the leaves will be starting to change, it has been so warm there may not be a ton of change yet, but it gets colder there much more quickly than down here (in DC now) so they may be changing. I am assuming it is this coming Friday, because the next 11-14 Weekend is Autumn Glory which is a pretty big festival which goes on in Oakland with parades and such. Also pretty close to Deep Creek is also Swallow Falls state park which is beautiful with the changing leaves and a fun place to hike around. There are a lot of falls and paths to hike around. It is a better place to hike in my opinion than Deep Creek.

        So it depends on what you want to do. If the leaves are changing I would stay in the Deep Creek Area grab my camera and head to Swallow Falls and just explore the area. There are also tons of antique shops all over if you are into that. Some people go there just for that.

        If the leaves aren't changing or you are really into architecture perhaps head up to Ohiopyle.

        Ohiopyle is right along the canal and has a nice bike path, it has the river and hiking, there are a lot of people that raft and kayak here. Also nearby is Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright's really neat house. And he has some other houses right in that area.

        So I guess it depends what you are more into. There are probably pretty good websites for all these places too.

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          Penn Alps in Grantsville is ok, but I would not recommend the Casselman which may be the place you have heard of. Minards in Clarksburg is good, but if you are only going to eat at one place there try to get into Julio's. The Riverfront that KT mentioned is in Confluence, PA. C'mon Kate these people are relying on you. You should have been here for our pit pig on Saturday!!

          1. re: Sull

            Thanks Sull (nudge nudge wink wink), I needed a heavy hitter that eats out there more often than I do now. I am sorry I missed the pig roast. Nothing better than a whole hog juicy and tender.

            Are the leaves starting to change yet?

            1. re: ktmoomau

              Thanks for the advice - just got back on Wed. night.

              Here's my take on the area dining I tried:

              Penn Alps -so-so
              Sugar & Spice (Amish Bakery - on 219 east of Oakland) - excellent. good donut and good cookies whith coconut and peanut butter fillings
              Nice Setting at River Front Inn in Confluence, PA. Looked like a good palce to have lunch or dinner
              Went to pumpkin festival in Confluence - great apple dumpling, had a gob or whoopie pie - not bad but not out of this world. Bought some hot mustard as well.
              Canoe on the Run - good sandwiches but seemed kind of stuffy atmosphere
              Get-N Go- great chicken and cheese salad

              Thanks for the suggestions on FallingWater -very cool place along with Ohiopyle. The Flight 93 memorial was very touching . Beautiful country in that part of MD. and PA.

              Had a wedgie which was pretty good as well- pizza dough stuffed with turkey, cheese, peppers, lettuce and tomato.

              Ritzy Lunch and Oliverio's Peppers were great in Clarksburg. Minards was not bad - had the spaghetti and meatballs.

              Great rafting on the Upper Yough and Gauley.

              Also bought tons of pepperoni rolls from Country Club Bakery in Fairmont as welll as a small grocery in Oak Hil - they are addictive!

              1. re: steveindurham

                Awesome! I am glad you had a good time and some good eats, am up this weekend for the Autumn Glory Festival and had chicken salad today and will have tons of food including pepperoni rolls tomorrow so I am excited.

    2. Minards is not all that hot, a great deal and really good italian food check into Raymonds, when we lived in Clarsburg hit that place at least every other week, best italian dressing I ever had, and dont forget to pick up oliverio peppers to take home they go on just about everything from fish to chicken, sausage and over rice and in a spaghetti sauce. There a not a ton of good places to eat in Clarksburg, we now live in Houston TX and we never run out of good places to eat here. I do wish I could find oliverio peppers here though