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Sep 28, 2007 07:52 AM

My horrible Mai takeout experience

I've been on this board several times touting Mai near Atlantic and Third in Boerum Hill. I have had some outstanding meals while dining in their beautiful courtyard. Last night, we decided to get some takeout and received the worst meal we've had since moving to Brooklyn two years ago. We ordered the shrimp pancake and scallop dumplings as apps. The dumplings were fine. The pancake was completely inedible. The sauce smelled like burnt wood and tasted about the same. The pancake fell completely apart while we were trying to eat it. There was exactly one and 1/2 shimp in the whole thing and even the bean sprouts tasted terrible (how is that even possible?).

For entrees, I got the red snapper and my wife got the pumkin and short rib curry. My snapper came in a box with three pieces of charred eggplant for $16. The fish looked horrible and was overcooked to the point of being nearly petrified. The only saving grace for the whole night was the pumpkin curry. That dish has always been a favorite of mine.

$50 for a terrible takeout meal is ridiculous. Not sure if it was an off night for the kitchen or if the takeout is just something to avoid. I'll NEVER order from there again. In fact, I will be really hard for me to ever eat there again.

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  1. I had a similar terrible experience with takeout from Thai Sky. I've always liked eating there, but when I got delivery, the curry was very bland and the duck salad was the most disgusting thing i've ever tasted. The roasted duck was really off, and was one of the worst tastes I've ever had in my mouth. I'm DEFINITELY never going there again, either. Ugh.

    1. I ordered takeout from Mai about two weeks ago. The food was not bad, but the 15 minute projected wait turned into almost an hour as they said they messed up our order. I waited alone at a seat in the empty dining room although there were a few tables occupied in the garden. The former south Asian (Vietnamese?) serving staff/owners were replaced by some very strange non-Asian people who marched back and forth into the front room like robots. It was one of the weirdest restaurant experiences I had in a while. Unless I hear from others that it has changed, we won't be back for a while, although, again, I will say that the food was pretty good.

      1. I've never eaten at any of these restaurants but it sounds as though some of the ingrediants were actually spoiled which is not the same as poor or strange preparatiom .
        I've only had bad (as in spoiled) takeout once. I called to complain and they resent the order at no charge. (Of course I tipped the Delivery guy) The replacement food was so much better than the original order that I have to assume the first time aroiund was old food..
        I'm curious. Did any of you register a complaint with the Mgr? If so, did they try to make it right?

        1. Pity to read this...we finally got around to eating there a couple of months ago. The night we were there, all of the food was excellent (we shared 5 or 6 smaller dishes). We've been meaning to go back.

          1. Just this past week, we took some friends to Mai -- a place we loved until this week. Our dinner was to stay, not to go, but the result was the same. We're not likely to return.