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Sep 28, 2007 07:11 AM

Good Eats Outside Poughkeepsie

I'm headed to a small town 35 miles outside Poughkeepsie for a weekend getaway. Wondering if there's anything good in the area, especially delivery. I'll be taking the train back to New York City Saturday night from Poughkeepsie so am open to trying something there, too.

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  1. what is the name of the town jm?

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      1. re: JungMann

        if you're in ellenville, check out aroma thyme. there's also an old bakery in the main part of town; check posts on here for ellenville for details on the location, as well as the polish place, i believe? across from the mcdonalds in ellenville.

        on the way back, if you're taking rte 55 back on that side of the river, check out village market and bakery which is in gardiner ( for really good desserts, pastries. various things in new paltz.

        the would is in highland is nice...cia's main rooms tend to get booked well in advance on weekends, so you'd have to go to their apple pie bakery place?

        if you're looking for to-go in poughkeepsie, spanky's (cajun, but nothing great coming from nyc) is right near the station. 96 main is as well, and has ahi tuna tacos.

        oh, and for different...soul dog is near the station as well.

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          Remember Apple Pie Bakery at the CIA is closed on weekends.

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            thank you for that...didn't know. oops, ignore that part, then.

    1. CIA is in Hyde Park, just minutes north of poughkeepsie. they have several restaurants open to the public and for a foodie it's a must see. it is leaf-peeper season though, so call ahead and see what they have for reservations. i haven't been back since graduation 8 years ago, but by all reports the campus has done nothing but improve.

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        I'd go to Mountain Brauhaus, it is lovely and nearish to Ellenville.

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          Beso on Main st in New paltz (chef formerly worked with Jean George etc)