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Hot sauce in Kensington - Jungle Boy?

Does anybody know if that guy who used to sell hot sauce (maybe hot sauce is the wrong term...sort of a tomato-less salsa) from a folding table in Kensington Market is still there? A couple of years ago I used to get hot sauce from him all the time, but then I went back a few times and he wasn't there so I've stopped going.

His stuff was always amazing and I've been missing it ever since. I think his name was 'jungle boy', or something like that...he was a huge (probably close to 7 feet) guy, so he'd stand out. If anyone knows whether he's still there or where he is now, I'd appreciate the info.

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  1. Oh yeah - I ended up talking to him for ages one time. He was selling his hot sauce and we got into this conversation where he said he could tell who was sick just by looking at them on the street. Pointed out some seemingly normal looking people who, according to him, were direly ill. We also talked about vegetable gardens and he told me that I should grow pumpkins but under no circumstances zucchinis. Or maybe it was the other way around - I forget.

    Anyway I bought a bottle of his "War" sauce. I think I still have the label up on my bulletin board. I'll go look at it later and see if there's any contact info on it. And no, he wasn't there on Wednesday and I don't remember seeing him for quite some time.

    1. I haven't seen him in a couple of years myself.

      1. Too bad...thanks for the help. He was a little strange, but his 'secret family recipe' for hot sauce (and in his case I actually think it was a secret family recipe) was phenominal. I was always worried that he would move or get forced out or whatever and the sauce would be lost forever, and I guess that's what happened. Maybe he just made enough money to retire. Sigh.

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          Paris — the guy who makes and sells the stuff — is still in the Market but suffering from ill health and no longer in the business if i understand correctly.

        2. Ok ok - I found the label. I still had it stuck to my kitchen bulletin board because it was so totally quirky that I couldn't throw it out. There is a phone number...mostly legible. It's the "hot line": (416) 471-9799 or 9798 (I can't quite make out the last number). The hot sauce I got is called "War" and it contains mango, carrots, onions, garlic, spices, sea salt, white vinegar, hot pepper and papaya. It claims to be direct from Paris. Let me know if you get through.

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            I called the numbers...must have changed, because the first sounded like an office and at the second I got a fairly brusque woman who told me I had the wrong number and hung up.

            Too bad...people like Jungle Boy should put their recipes in a vault so the tradition can continue if anything was to happen to them. Thanks for the help anyway!

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              You're welcome. Besides his sauce being so good, there was something compelling about him as a character. I loved his little table set up on the sidewalk. It was just a nice bit of Kensington charm.

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                Paris, also known as Iron Dog and Jungle Boy, left this world on Friday, August 22, 2008. A legend of Kensington, he will be missed and was well loved. He was my uncle and I treasured him. Will try to find and keep his secret family recipe alive.

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                  My condolances to you and your family.

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                    Sad news...my condolances. I will indeed miss him and I do hope that you are able to keep his name (and recipe) alive.

            2. Sadly, the gentleman who made the peppersauce, his name was Paris - he passed away a few months ago...so the legacy is gone. I still have his sweet pepper and his mango chutney in my fridge - he was from Trinidad and a popular fixture in the Market. Missed by all.

              1. There's a new stall in the basement of the Market that sells all sorts of sauces, including hot sauces. I wouldn't know if they had what you're looking for, but I noticed the store a couple of weeks ago when I was down there on a Saturday. They had quite a number of sauces, including bbq sauces, dips, etc. Just behind the bakery. Good luck with your search.

                1. I share your obsession with Jungle Boy, Iron Dog, Paris. He made the best hot sauces. I was hoping that someone in his family carried on with the recipe. Found a couple of posts from "Migregoire" that said he was his uncle. I am so sorry to see this hot sauce vanish. For a few years, I tried to reproduce the recipe found on a bottle of his "War" sauce...No luck, but I push on.

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                    I'll once again bump this thread up, hoping that one of his relatives has his hot sauce recipes stashed away somewhere. These things are a gold mine! If you're not going to sell them again, at least send them to me so I can make them for myself!

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                      Hello Strongbad789, yes, his sister has his recipes stashed. She made hot sauce last year at the end of summer, but hasn't marketed as yet. I will let her know you are looking for this. Thanks! Iron Dog, Paris was my uncle and I'm still so amazed at his lasting legacy. Will post again once I know more about the hot sauces.

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                        Fantastic! Thanks very much! Paris was a character and his hot sauces were among the best I've ever tasted...it would be a crime to let them go un-enjoyed! :)

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                          Hey mlgregoire,

                          Just following up to see if there's any news on the recipes...I was in Kensington yesterday and it brought everything back to mind. If you prefer to email directly I'm at strongbad78910 (at) gmail (dot) com.

                    2. I remember this hot sauce fondly. War and punishment. Beyond delicious. I would love to buy some if it's available.