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Sep 28, 2007 06:49 AM

A Pacific Cafe

Is this restaurant still in business in Kauai? I was led to believe it closed, but recent posts on this board seem to indicate that it is still open -

Any insight?

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  1. As referenced in this thread,, it has been closed for at least two years. If anyone else knows otherwise, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it!

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    1. re: Yoshio

      I wish that I had better news, but in Oct. we passed the "proposed" site of the new Pacific Cafe. Nothing was being done, and the temp. signage looked to be about a year, or so, old.

      My heart is still broken. If someone finds any news of Chef Jean-Marie Josselin, whether it's on Kaua`i, or elsewhere, please post it here. I'd fly over just to dine with him again.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        You may get your wish! The Pacfici Business News reports that Josselin has signed a lease for a space on Kapahulu Ave. (that's in Honolulu, not far from Waikiki, for those who don't know) It will be a dinner only fine-dining restaurant. No word on a timeframe. I'm not sure how long this link will work, but here it is:

        1. re: Yoshio

          Interesting, thats just two blocks up the street from Sam Choy's and Hee Hing (at the corner of Kapahulu and Date.)

          1. re: Yoshio


            As always, thanks for the response, and the link. Looks like we might be doing a quick trip to Honolulu in Dec (need some miles for Premier-Elite status retention, and have millions of Hilton points, so what better way to earn miles, and spend points?). I'll definitely check out the location and report on any progress, though it may well be too early. I'll also talk it up with AW and CM to see if they, or their staff, know any more details.

            Here's hoping!


            1. re: Bill Hunt


              I drove by yesterday...its going to be a while, there isn't even a sign out front yet saying "coming soon".


              1. re: KaimukiMan

                More details about the plans. I cannot link to the article as it is for paid subscribers, but here is a quote regarding the style of food and price point: ""country French, seasonal Proven├žal and Asian dishes," because "the greatest pleasures at heart are the simple ones."

                The new place also will deviate from the high prices that were found on the menus of Josselin's Hawaii restaurants of the past, including A Pacific Cafe, which closed its Ward Centre location in November 2000.

                He is, instead, going for a higher volume and lower sticker shock than his former establishments and those of some of his Hawaii Regional colleagues, such as George Mavrothalassitis, Alan Wong and Roy Yamaguchi, whose signature restaurants are known for their exquisite food and equally luxurious prices."

                I'm guessing it will be sometime late next year before this opens.

                1. re: Yoshio

                  OK, I can be patient. Besides, the trip in Dec. will be a rather short one, and there are enough places that I can do instead. Actually, you mentioned many of them!

                  I have yet to try Restaurant 808 in LV, even though we're there about twice per year. It's getting to the point that LV is rather like Honolulu, in that there are just too many restaurants and too little time. Hey, that's not such a bad situation, especially as LV was known for their buffets for decades, like Hawai`i and the smorgasbords.

                  Thanks for the update,