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Sep 28, 2007 06:39 AM

providence sat night/ sunday

coming down from boston for the night and the day. I need recommendations on places to go to eat and drink. As far as food goes we love french, italian, seafood, american, sushi ect.. As long as it is good. For the drinking I would love to find out if Providence has craft cocktail bars like # 9 park or Eastern standard here in boston. Also a good beer bar is always fun and places with affordable wine list. Last but not least a good brunch spot would be helpful as well.

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  1. Many other good choices besides these, but here is a start: For french I suggest Chez Pascal, although it is on the outskirts of town, but in a nice area. Italian - Siena on Federal Hill. Seafood - no place I would highly recommend, although Bravo does a few nice fish dishes (also a good americanized french bistro). American - Parkside. Sushi - Haruki East. Brunch - Nicks on Broadway.

    1. I am not sure if there is a comp to # 9 park or Eastern standard in Providence. My guess is that Local 121 is aiming for that distinciton. The bartenders at the Red Fez are also quite competent.

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        An interesting place for a drink might be Temple - the restaurant/bar in the newly redone Renassiance Providence Hotel. The bar area is beautifully done and very unique, thanks to the building originally being built by the Masons in the 1920's but never finished until now. They have an interesting and unique "martini" list. There is better food to be had in the city, though, so I would make this more of drink destination.

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          Local 121 is aiming for it but missing it so far, in my opinion. I found several cocktails too sweet, but they're trying. I can't think of a place for the type of cocktails you're thinking of in Prov.