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in search of: SQUID INK

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Where can I find this stuff?

I called Taros and they have it, but they do not advertise it or display it in the store and they only sell it by the pound for $55. I just want maybe 100ml.

I called pusateris. they dont carry it. barely even heard of it.

Maybe SLM? who there would have it?

please help and TIA.


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  1. why don't you buy enough squid and freeze the remaining squid meat you don't need. More useful than 400mls of squid ink kicking around....

    maybe a restaurant you're friendly with could do you a fav?

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      do retail squids still have their ink sac? how do i remove the ink? is this easy? how much ink in one squid?


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        you have to get "uncleaned" squid. a dominion/loblaws product would be cleaned already so go to chinatown or a fish shop. i'm not sure how much is in one squid as the ink sack is small. ask the fishmonger. my guess is a couple lbs for 100 ml...

      1. i recently went on a bit of a hunt myself... it seems to be rather available. over the phone i was able to get this much info from some of them.

        domenics in slm - 10 "pieces" 1 lb, 4.99... which i really think was 49.99
        diana's - 1lb $75
        city fish - 1lb $50
        bill's lobster - only has it when he's got the squid!

        and my winner..

        pisces - 2oz jars for 7.99

        i certainly did not want a pound of ink sitting in my fridge!

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          Pisces was bought out by Mike's Fish when the owner passed away a couple of years ago. As they have a large stall in SLM and run the counters in Pusateri's and some other retail operations, it should be in all these other places, too.

        2. Squid Ink is available frozen in 500gr containers. try www.qualifirst.com

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