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Sep 28, 2007 04:53 AM

Favorite Catering Company

Does anyone have a favorite catering company here in the city? Preferably one that caters for smaller-scale parties as well as larger events. Or even if it's not a favorite, per say, but just one you had a good experience with would be great. Thanks!

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  1. Cipriani Le Specialita
    David Burke @ Bloomingdale's
    The Nolita House
    Murray's Cheese
    Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine

    1. The Cleaver Company makes fantastic, high quality food.

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      1. re: Rodrigo

        Awesome! Thanks for the help! I'll definitely look into these!

        1. re: Rodrigo

          Cleaver catered my wedding this summer - great food and great to work with them. Better on both counts than I could have imagined!

          1. re: The Turtle Bay Dove

            where was your wedding? did you have the ceremony at the same site as the reception? we are considering cleaver too and have heard great things!

            1. re: ral217

              Not to get off-topic (there are plenty of other places on-line to discuss wedding planning!), but we got married at The Foundry in Long Island City - had the ceremony there too. Another place that exceeded my expectations, plus they have a great big kitchen for caterers to work in and Cleaver has done lots of events there.

          1. Sterling Affair --
            They are strictly off-premise, so they are experts at that, the food far outshines any other caterer's food I've ever had, and they have done events for 15 people or 1000 people (think Columbia University's alumni weekend events). I've been to several events catered by them, and it is always delicious and different (no pigs-in-a-blanket). Ari, one of the banquet managers, is wonderful to work with from what I've heard.

            For very small scale (like dinner for 5 in an apartment), and some larger scale as well, Miss Elisabeth's Catering, Also delicious, and Elisabeth bends over backwards to make the event and the food a success.

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              I second Sterling Affair. They have done all sorts of events for us and they were uniquely outstanding.

            2. I have used Saffron 59, Chef & Company and Mary Guliani all are fantastic. Also Murray's cheese does some amazing platters (which are surprisingly affordable).