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So what do you cook in fall when the weather is still HOT?

It's been in the upper 80's and humid in the DC area the past few weeks. This does not get me in the mood for fall cooking. So what do you all cook when you want fall food but it's still too hot to truly enjoy it?

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  1. One of my favorites in summer or fall...Fajitas, tacos or gyros of any sort. I chop lots of veggies and sides (lettuce, tomato, peppers, jalapeno, cheese, olives, you get the idea) marinate some protein, chicken usually. Get pita/tortilla type bread or whatever "carb" you like. The only thing that needs to be cooked is the protein and I usually use a grill pan for all of 10 min.
    I also like that I can do all the prep work ahead of time and I can make it as healthy as I want. My husband can have 3 tortilla's if he likes, while I have a really big salad type portion and maybe half a tortilla.

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      I make a quick marinara with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil.

      Spaghetti is comfort cold weather food for me, but I just simplify it.

      Same with pre-cooked frozen shrimp (shrimp scampi), quickly add butter and oil, garlic, red pepper, toss in shrimp, cook for two minutes, add some fresh lemon juice, chopped basil and parmasean cheese!

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        I seem to fall into a lot of pasta dishes as well, especially ravioli/tortellini/etc, in light sauces.

        BLT salads (with a vinegar dressing) also show up a lot.

    2. I personally have never really gotten into seasonal cooking. Maybe because I live in Florida and we really don't have much in the way of seasons. I enjoy beans and short ribs as much during the summer as the winter. I do tend to do more soups when the temperature drops

      1. *Pasta salad with some fall veggies, squashes -- I made a huge batch Monday and we've been snacking on it, bringing it for lunch, etc for several days.
        *Cold soups like gazpacho or cucumber soup.
        *Apple crisp (easier, less time in kitchen than pie, more summery dish but features fall flavors)
        *Salad with toasted pistachio, pears or apples (whatever looks bursting-ripe), ricotta salata, cherry tomatoes -- with shallot vinaigrette
        *BLTs remind me of fall, somehow. mmmm.
        *Warm dips (hot artichoke dip, hot shrimp spread) followed by a cooler meal -- that way you're enjoying something hot, but not a whole hot plate of food.
        *Bruschetta quickly under the broiler with pear and goat cheese and honey

        1. Spaghetti squash! It is in season veggie-wise here (in DC) and makes a good sub for pasta.

          How bout a butternut squash risotto? A fall dish you could still enjoy, although it is a lot of stirring.

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            Spag squash is what I'm eating these days. That, and a lot of composed salads.

            You can make chilled pumpkin bisque for lighter meals, too.

          2. Hahaha... I baked an apple pie on the grill last night! It is delicious :)

            1. I make pumpkin pie, sans the crust, and serve it cold with a dollop of whipped cream. Spicy and fall like, but still cool enough for the heat.

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                Here in california where we have all kinds of different weather at this time I`m like
                subadoo97 I just cook what comes natural and don`t worry what the weather is like out side. usually year round I like to make different soups in the crock pot. You can do that
                in D C and it won`t heat up your house even though your have high humidity.

              2. I find that almost all of the fall produce, because it tends to be quite sweet, goes beautifully with spice mixes that evoke hotter climates. Think the Caribbean, India or Morocco. Curry is great with root veggies like parsnips, allspice and cinnamon for squash. And even most "fall" foods work well on the BBQ, which helps when it's so hot you can't bear to put the oven on. Turkey burgers and a sweet potato salad are always a good bet for those fall flavours with a summer feel.