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Sep 28, 2007 04:03 AM

North End Dinner?

I know, I know...there's plenty of posts about the North End, however, a friend that lives in Austin, originally from the Boston area, is coming up for a visit and she wants to go to dinner in the North End.
It's been ages since I've even eaten there, aside from a slice of Pizza a few weeks back.
I'm looking for a decent meal, hoping to keep the price down somewhat, but a place that's comfortable, where we won't feel that we'll have to hurry our meal.
We'll be heading there directly from the airport, so we're hoping to just sit, have a few drinks, a good meal and catch up with each other.
Thank you for any info!!


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  1. I'll start you off and recommend Artu on Prince St. Casual, great food and won't be rushed.

    1. I'll second the recommendation for Artu. It exactly fits your needs, low key and comfortable with great food and service.

      1. As I was reading the post I was thinking Artu would be a good choice and then I see that others have already recommended it. Anyhow, I've only recently discovered Artu and I have really been pleased with the meals and staff there. My preference is to sit at the bar which is comfortable and relaxed and easy to hold a conversation. They make a wonderful sangria, have a decent wine list and the bartender knows his stuff. Try the individual pizza with gorgonzola cheese, potato and prosciutto!

        1. Someone who lived his entire life in the North End told me to go to Paguila's (not sure if I spelled it correctly).

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          1. re: taxi

            I think you're referring to Pagliuca's. I ate lunch there recently and didn't care for it. We were on our way to Massimino's (which I like) but wanted to try something we hadn't been to.

            I also like the food at Artu a lot.

            1. re: 9lives

              We went to Artu's last night and were not impressed. While the service and the antipasto were pretty good, my eggplant parm was just so so and everybody else felt that their meals were nothing to write home about.

              1. re: lulu806

                OH I'm so disappointed you didn't like Artu. One of my favorite dishes there is the eggplant - and order it without the macaroni.
                (No... I do not have an interest there, just really like the food.)

          2. Thanks for the tips everybody! Artu seems like it will be the spot!
            Thanks Again!