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Which cuttiing board?

Hi all - I spent far too much time at Sur La Table this afternoon trying to choose a new cutting board, but it's become too complicated. I'd like a solid cutting board for daily use that's dishwasher safe and not too thick. What are your recommendations?

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  1. Dishwasher safe???? Plastic, Poly, or Epicurean.

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        I got the Epicurean for my mom because of the dishwasher safeness of it, and I really really don't like cutting on it. I'd get a good wooden one, and then some cheap floppy plastic ones that you can set on top of the wooden one if you're cutting something that you feel like you need to use the dishwasher for afterwards or that stains a lot.

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          Given your parameters, I 3rd the epicurean.

      2. You're much better off with a wood board that you hand wash, IMO. Plastic boards dull knives and also I've read that bacteria is much more of a problem with them--it gets deep into the material, where as with wood, bacteria is much more superficial, i.e., easier to clean off.

        1. Get a board made by John Boos (they have Boos burned into them). Great quality and hand made. They will last you a life time if you care for them.

          Plastic is a great poultry board, but wood is better on the knives.

          1. second the boos board. i use a plastic one for poutltry, beef etc but my boos board is the one i use for everything else.

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              I too love my boos block, plus use some of the softer plastic boards for meat.

            2. For Dishwasher safe I reccomend the Gripper:

              Another cool product that is dishwasher safe are silicone non-skid chopping mats. They are light and easy to use and store. What I like about them is I can crush garlic on one and slice limes on another (weird combo, I know):

              1. I too love my Boos board. My mother used a wooden board for meat, poultry, fish, etc and hand washed with hot water after each use. She still uses the same board after 30 years; and no one ever got sick.

                That said, I use my Boos board for EVERYTHING. Bacteria, schmacteria.

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                  I agree. Used my wood boards for everything and only cleaned with soap and hot water. In 30 years I have not had one instance of anyone getting sick. I do have some of those thin plastic sheet cutting surfaces that I will now put on my board when cutting chicken to make everyone feel safer but never did this in the past. I think it is more for the peace of mind of anyone watching me prep than anything else.

                  To the OP. If you plan on using the dishwasher forget about wood. The Epicurean would be an excellent choice. Make sure what ever you choose is soft enough that it won't damage your knives

                2. There are plenty of low cost cutting boards (I got two at TJ Maxx or Marshalls) that are plastic on the inside and laminated with wood. They don't warp, are dishwasher safe, and the wood has held up well. Occasional applications of bleach water keep sanitation easy.

                  Good luck!

                  1. Buy a wooden board, season it, clean by hand , you will not be disappointed, it will last forever, you will thank us later. plus if you cook hard it feels better when sliceing dicing or chopping , trust me .

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                      If you do go with a wooden board have a look at the boards from TheBoardsmith.com.
                      I just received a 16x22 Maple end grain board and though a bit pricey (though I believe still cheaper priced then a comparable Boos board) it's by far the nicest looking board I have ever seen. Nicer looking then boards costing 250 dollars. I jumped on it bit early as unfortunately he is going out of business and is only taking orders for another month or two. Here is a picture of the model I went with. Mine looks pretty much the same but a different batch of maple so the patterns look a bit different.