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Sep 27, 2007 11:04 PM

Any tried Churchill's Steakhouse in Spokane?

My parents live in Spokane and we're always looking for new places to try. There's a serious lack of good steak in Spokane. I came across an article on Churchill's and was wondering if anyone had tried it? Wondering how high-end it is. I'm in Seattle now, but I lived in Spokane for a great majority of my life. I have yet to figure out which factors make or break a restaurant there. While the city has come a long way since I grew up there, it still amazes me how many horrible Chinese restaurants continue to exist just blocks from each other.

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  1. I live in Spokane, and have never run across Churchill's...if I were looking for the best steak in Spokane, I'd go to Spenser's, inside the downtown Doubletree [and believe me I am not usually a fan of hotel restaurants: I've had to eat in too many of them--- this one is different.] I particularly recommend the ribeye. It is not, however, inexpensive. Stay out of CJ Shenanigan's steakhouse, next door: it's incredibly over the top in price, for food that's not as good.
    For fish, I'd go to Anthony's on the river. Chinese---or quasi Chinese---I'd go with the Mustard Seed. My fave is Sechzuan, but I haven't found a good one in Spokane.

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      gordy's sichuan is one of my favorite restaurants in spokane (along with mustard seed)! they opened after i moved away but this is the first place we go when visiting the family. we usually get take out because they are small and get very busy! they are kind of across from manito shopping center on the south hill.

      501 E 30TH Ave, Spokane, WA 99203-2557

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      1. We've come across the owner Bill Alles at other restaurants he has run in New York and Bend--he is the goods. He knows great ingredients and how to deliver them. Would certainly push a try next time we are in Spokane. My guess is the wine list will be a bit pricey--but filled with some rare finds from Washington State.

        1. My wife and I tried Churchill's recently. We live in Spokane and have tried many wonderful places. Unfortunately Churchill's is not among them. The service is marginal, the atmosphere is disconnected and despite their practice of "dry-aging" the beef, the flavors are good, but not outstanding. Everything on the menu is overpriced. We have enjoyed some great restaurants during our time in Houston, Chicago, and New York. We were hoping that Churchill's would be a nice addition to Spokane.

          1. My wife and I consider ourselves professional diners and have been to Churchill's a total of four times so far. We agree that it's the best kept secret in town at the moment and that the steak is quite simply the best that we've ever had. Incredible flavor due to the dry aging process they use, something we've never encountered in any other steakhouse before. Service has always been excellent and they really went all out when they designed the atmosphere of the place. Parking can sometimes be a problem because it's downtown Spokane but that's just downtown for you. The prices are in the middle to higher range but we have always found that the experience is more than worth it. And the experience is what my wife and I go out for in the first place so if that's something you look for in a restaurant, Churchill's is your place. Otherwise, just take your special lady out to taco bell for you magical evening.