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Sep 27, 2007 11:03 PM

El Bulli 2007

I just got back a few days ago from my trip to Catalonia. Spain is beautiful and we ended it w/ a night at El Bulli. The menu doesn't contain everything we had, but it's the general gist of the appetizers, main courses and desserts. A couple random dessert were thrown in at the end as a treat. for pictures--well, blurry pictures because I suck as taking pictures of food, but you'll get the idea.

Menu below:

gin fizz
spherical olives
golden nuggets
goat cheese "mercedes"
beetroot and yoghurt meringue
5 black olive bread
m salty "catanias"
salty chocolate with cassis, yoghurt and pistachio
tangerines bombons, peanut and curry
sesame sponge cake with miso
fresh pine-cone and pinions dacqoise
rasberries fondan and rasberries vinegar
tiger nut milk flowers
oysters yoghurt with px in tempura
watermelon with blackberries caviar
haricot bean with Joselito's iberian pork fat
"caju" with yoghurt
anchovy and ham with yoghurt yuba
gorgonzola shell, walnut, celeery and apple
tomato cous-cous with oil-olives, basil and parmesan cheese
gnocchi of polenta with coffee and safran yuba
"Padron" ravioli
razor clam with seaweed
" fideua" of shimensi
teriyaki mackerel belly
eel-veal bone marrow with mustard leaf
hare juise
"torta Canarejal" with red fruits
snowy landscape

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    1. Thanks for the report, which were your favourites? If you're prepared to divulge, what is the going rate per person these days?

      The brothers Adria seem enamoured of the Torta Canarejal cheese as I've eaten it at Inopia which is Alberto Adria's neighbourhood tapas bar in Barcelona. It's wonderful stuff, reminds me a little of French Vacherin Mont d'Or.

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        If I HAD to choose one from each category..

        I'd say "Spherical Olives" for the appetizer. They weren't like any olives I've ever had before. They felt almost paper thin and had to be eaten in one bite otherwise all the juice (I don't know how that much was packed in there) would explode all over the place instead of in your mouth.

        "Teriyaki Mackerel Belly" for the main course. I have to say I'm always a sucker for any kind of super fresh and super tender fish part (chin, belly, etc.)--this dish wasn't particularly surprising like all his other dishes, but it was plain and simple sumptuously delicious. The plum-ish sea foam and prune on the side brought out even more of the flavor from the fish and the light teriyaki on top of it.

        The "Trufitas" I'm not even sure how to describe. They somehow denigrated in your mouth, yet were filled with a sweet, suttle, beautiful explosion of.. air? Not sure, or something chewy and then disappeared. I'd have to relive the moment to be sure. =)