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Sep 27, 2007 09:55 PM

chic atmosphere for dinner???

Is it really to much to ask that the food be good too? I have a few friends coming into LA and I would like to take them somewhere chic and fun with a sophisticated late twenties/early thirties crowd. We are looking to spend between $60-75/person or less. Location can be anywhere from Malibu to Hollywood. Thanks chowhounders!

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  1. Grace on Beverly sounds like it would be a good option. I would also recommend Opus on Wilshire.

    If you narrow it down by type of food, it might be easier to give you more suggestions.

    1. Moonshadows- Malibu ~
      Primitivo- Venice, Abbott Kinney ~
      the little door- west hollywood ~
      pastis- west hollywood ~

      1. You might want to consider one of the Chayas (Brasserie or Venice), which have very cool, chic rooms with stylish crowds to match. Chaya Venice tends to get a younger crowd (30s), where the Brasserie's crowd is more mixed-age, though gets younger as it gets later. It's fun to watch the people there, too, especially out-of-towners. The food is Cal-Asian and consistently very, very good. I also recommend their original signature cocktail: pineapple infused vodka served straight in a martini glass. Heavenly!
        Is there anything more specific you're looking for?

        1. Celadon on 3rd just west of Fairfax is a small plates (but not too small) asian-french fusion restaurant with delicious food, a beautiful interior space, creative drinks and the price point would be right.