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Sep 27, 2007 09:21 PM


I'm looking for somewhere fun to have a birthday get together...informal (people can come and go, don't have to eat), drinks, food available. Kitchy and fun. I was all set on Lowenbrau Keller before I found out they were closed!!! Need help ASAP! Thanks Chowers!

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  1. Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake fits kitchy & fun, german beer and food, near to area of Lowenbrau.
    This recent link may help as well -

    1. Try Chichen Itza Restaurant in Downtown LA. There's a big long table and really friendly/helpful servers. The food is amazing, fresh, and healthy, and the trio of sorbet is heavenly (trust me, I'm someone who usually only calls rich, creamy, chocolate desserts "heavenly"). The restaurant is really pretty, colorful, and relaxed. And not too expensive. Oh, and using the valet service is totally worth it.

      Fat Fish Restaurant in K-Town is a good, hippish, informal conveyer belt sushi place that is pretty yummy. WITH a Pinkberry next door.

      Or Soleil in Westwood for a comfortable, friendly atmosphere and yummy french food. And a delicious chocolatey crepe. And a really nice owner.

      1. I second the Red Lion Tavern! It's a great spot for a party!