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Sep 27, 2007 07:51 PM

Wynn's in Mountain View

Tonight I was invited to a quick dinner with my South Bay foodie who does not have a computer but watches Chinese TV on a nightly basis not for the programing but for the food ad in between the shows.

We has the 49 dollar dinner which feed four big eaters until we were completely full.

Seafood Fish Maw soup

Fried Flounder bones with stir fried fish fillet

Gai Lan with Preserved Meats.

Honey Walnut Prawns

Bitter Melon Stir Fried Frog Legs

Black Pepper Beef Fillet Stir Fry.

All the dishes were well done and there was the breath of the wok on all stir fried dishes, the portions were large and service was quick and good.

this was the 49 dollar meal which you picked two from one column and three from other and soup.

They did not have that menu to go so I can not quote the other dishes. But the selection was large.

They again a large lunch special menu but it was in Chinese only.

Will be back soon to check out the rest of the menu at a later date since I have over eaten recently and need to diet for a while.


400 Moffett Blvd.
Mountain View, CA
650 625 9388

Wynn's was reported earlier by KK, but that was for a lunch but I think this is for the dinner.

Also over earring the waiter talking to a regular they have daily specials.

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  1. We too discovered and have been to Wynn’s several times the last two weeks for lunches and dinner and have thoroughly enjoyed this unpretentious, hole-in-the-wall place with reasonable prices and excellent Cantonese dishes with ample servings each time. It is located in a small shopping area on Moffet Boulevard on the north side of the railroad tracks (Central Express Way) opposite the main business area on the where Moffet Boulevard turns into Castro Street . Wynn’s will give all the other heretofore notable entities in Mountain View (Kirin, Fu Lam Mum, Café Yulong, Queen’s House, Hong Kong Bistro, etc.) stiff competition once it becomes better known. The waiter is extremely friendly, cooperative, and conversant in both English and Cantonese. He told us that the owner, Wynn Cho, used to be at Joy Luck, Cupertino.

    We also had the $49 “Wo Choy” dinner. We especially enjoyed the bitter melon and frog combination (we are told that they have live frogs in a tank inside the kitchen). The sauces in their Gnow Nom and Kau Yuk clay pots were absolutely delicious. We enjoyed all their other dishes whether it be garlic roast chicken, deep fried sole, crab meat fish maw soup, spicy eggplant, black pepper beef, seafood shrimp and scallop toss cook, etc, etc..

    For lunch, they have 49 rice plates, 18 small dishes, 8 congees with side selection of donuts, rice rolls, and chow mein. There is a mini “Wo Choy” with a choice of three dishes for $17.99 of over fifty selections comprising seafood, pork, chicken, beef, vegetable and noodle/rice rice dishes. For dinner, there were four of us and we had the $49 “Wo Choy,” but there were many additional “Wo Choy” choices for larger groups of six or eight, etc.. There were three large family groups occupying large round tables the night we were there. Unfortunately, they have not printed copies of their evening “Wo Choy” fare to go.

    Available printed menus below:

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    1. re: CYL

      No Vincent Lo was the first to mention Wynn's, not me.

      Yeah I agree for Mountain View this place is great value, I did see those set menus for dinner and there was one that was exclusively for lunch that included stir fry and congee, though you can only take advantage of this if you bring multiple stomachs.

      If you can read Chinese, Wynn's even stole the first two of the three characters of the Chinese restaurant name from Joy Luck Place's Chinese name and used it as their own. That's like calling the restaurant Joy Luck vs JLP.

      But I guess I'm just really picky with the dried fried beef chow fun I got for lunch one visit, it was literally flavorless but nonetheless a much better deal than HK Bistro. But I wouldn't return for lunch for a while, this to me is a staple dish that is supposedly hard to screw up but they managed to do everything average and not have any flavor to it...

      Oh fellows and fellas, guess what, I spoke with Simon (he used to own HK 1997 cafe in San Jose on Hostetter but is now helping the owner of Fu Lam Moon at HK Bistro), and he told me that the building under construction next door to HKB will eventually house a dim sum restaurant on the ground floor. Whether it will be also called Fu Lam Moon is beyond me, but it will be under the same FLM/HKB umbrella. Given the mediocrity of the offerings, I'm not terribly keen or will set any expectations. I've give up on HKB too, last week when I dined there, I got my food but no utensils. Simon was clueless, no help, told a waitress to get it for me but she "forgot" and I ended up helping myself. These folks have been opened long enough, and still can't get their "cough cough" together. What a shame.

      1. re: K K

        Where can I find the best dried fried beef chow fun in the South Bay, KK? Preferably where they don't drench the dish in too much oil (I don't mind if this results in the noodles being a little clingy).

        1. re: Humbucker

          The fact you are asking that question means you haven't found one yet, and know what a pain it is to find a version that's decent. Cheap street food (technically and historically) and cheap ingredients, yet requires true wok and kitchen skills, or better yet a master to prepare, and low profit margin.

          And ironically some of the better preps these days are either at the better HK style cafes (none can be found in the South Bay) or the really good dim sum seafood restaurants at x2 to x2.5 the price.

          I honestly don't know where to find a good version in the South Bay and haven't found one that I would say qualifies, plus I'm not brave enough to plunk down $10+ at dim sum restaurants. If you do encounter a good version at one of those places, please report back!

          1. re: K K

            I agree with you, which why I have given up ordering this dish. The last good one I had was at a long ago place in the City. It is not well done anywhere at a reasonable price.

            1. re: yimster

              For those willing to drive from the South Bay or are in the Peninsula, Cafe Selena in Millbrae (in Chinese it phonetically translates to Gloucester Cafe) does a version that I like very much, although it's in the $9 range (double digits after tax and tip) but really good quality, better than Millbrae Broadway Bistro for about the same price.

              Venus Cafe & Bakery in Newark/Fremont and maybe Cousin Cafe could be contenders for the middle/lower side of East Bay for that dish, although I've only had the milk tea there and ate at Venus for lunch once (but didn't get that dish).

            2. re: K K

              Have you tried the dried fried beef chow fun at Top Cafe in Milpitas's Ulferts Square?

              I've had them many times and they're very good most of the times. A couple of times they were too oily or did not have full-flavor, but most of the times they were right on. And it's pretty cheap also at around $6 or so. I would compare them favorably to Daimo's.


              1. re: tanspace

                Yes, I have had it and agreed that it can be a good there. I would guess I have had it four time and only once it was not as good as normal. Only been to Daimo twice and we did not order it. But maybe next time I am in the East Bay.

            3. re: Humbucker

              Humbucker I believe I found a good contender for you for dried fried beef chow fun in the south bay.

              Cafe Won Kee in Milpitas Square. Granted it is just beef, bean sprouts, scallions and some (not a lot) of onions and fun, but it was done very quickly, quite well, even the beef was sliced nicely so not too grainy or chewy, and only $6 + tax. It literally was done within 5 or 6 mins of ordering, on a busy Tuesday noon time.

              I'd probably stay well away from the bbq, doesn't look very good, especially the ginger scallion oil. When it's a dark color, that's a sure fire sign that it will taste not so good. The brighter the better is the rule and that always holds true. Compare the ginger scallion oil of Cheung Hing Noriega (great meats but really aweful ginger scallion oil) and of that say, ABC Foster City (superb). ABC wins and the mix is bright and not dark toned.

              1. re: Humbucker

                Try Fat Wong in Millbrae or Mr Fong in Foster City. Mr Fong has a little BBQ store (with a couple of tables) outside of the main location, and you can order it there, especially if you want a takeout, but you can eat it there, too. Overall, Fat Wong is a better place, so if you have not been there, may be worth exploring for other reasons.

                1. re: WhiteDevil

                  Just for your information Wynn's in closed.

                  1. re: yimster

                    Thanks for the info. I'm adding a link so that when someone opens the post they will see it is closed.

                    400 Moffett Blvd, Mountain View, CA

          2. Was in the area having some work done to my car. So stopped by for lunch.

            Had the congee comb deal.

            Fish congee with rice noodles stir fried with XO sauce.

            A very decent portion which I have leftovers.

            Service was slow but good, would return to get more into menu.

            Saw a order of Dry Beef Chow Fun at the next table but could not see it clearly. Maybe at long last a decent one.

            Cost 6.50 before tip.

            1. Had egg and shrimp chow fun at Wynn’s for lunch yesterday. Exceeded expectations! It had lots of fresh fun, radiating “wok hay,” a surprising number of large, fresh, shrimp with snap, and was tasty without trace of MSG. People sitting at a neighboring table were impressed sufficiently from afar to inquire the waiter about the dish!

              Attached are menus that were not available before. Wynn’s is well suited for casual, informal, Cantonese comfort food. The 3 for $17.99 and 4 for $49 combos are great! (have not had occasion to try other combos)

              1. Finally tried this for lunch the other day with a coworker, and while we were there, another coworker was picking up to go her lunch -
                I got the Dried Beef Chow Fun - as some others have commented, this is the dish to judge if they are cooking things properly. My coworker got the Mongolian Chicken Lunch special with Chow Mein.

                I felt the Chow Fun was really good - good wok hay, beef was tender, and the portion was plentiful - I had leftover to take home.

                The Mongolian Chicken on the other hand, I would have passed on it - the chow mein was average, and the chicken was not very spicy.

                My take out coworker told me about the $6 combo special of congee and side dish, which I want to try.

                Oh, and the service was SLLOOWW.... I would go for take out next time too.

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                1. re: sandrachang

                  I have only cooked to order dishes expect for the congee and side dish combo's. I think there daily rice plate specials may be steam table items or partly cooked and reheat items.

                  I highly recommend the congee combos.

                  I need to give there chow fun a try. One question was it dry on the bottom when you got to it or did it have oil on the bottom?

                  1. re: yimster

                    It was pretty dry actually - there was no pool of oil, esp. when I had to scoop the unfinished portion into a box. But there was enough so that the noodles were properly separated - I also liked the fact that they had bean sprouts instead of onions (yuck).

                    1. re: sandrachang

                      Thanks for your input. I will be visiting soon and will try a few more dishes. The best combo of congee I have had is fish slice congee with either xo dried shrimp rice rolls or the soy sauce chow mein.

                      I think you are safe with any cooked to order. I am petty sure the rice items are cooked ahead and kept warm.

                      Next on my list is the three dishes for under 20 bucks.

                2. This place is right around the corner from where I live and have been coming here, off and on for dinner only since this summer, since the T&C Bistro that had been there before was so unmemorable. My husband and I ordered off simply off the menu the first time, and were happily greeted with nicely prepared dishes of pretty large portion. Then in August, we brought my father, sister, and brother-in-law and got a set menu for six and it was disastrous. Horrible soup with murky broth that looked like dishwater with bits of junk floating in it, like nothing I'd seen in a Cantoniese restaurant before. Every dish was so unmemorable, and frankly, just not very good, that we almost wrote the place off. We couldn't believe it was the same place. Stayed away for a while. Came back tentatively in September for a pretty decent meal.
                  In October, I brought my father for one of their $17.99 for-three-dishes one night and he was sold. We had their fried flounder, pork with broccoli and Mongolian chicken. All the dishes were flavorful, but the pork dish is one that is too sweet for my taste. Dad liked it, and the complimentary soup (this time, lotus root, big ol' chunks of it) and desert (red bean.
                  This evening, my husband and I went out with Dad and he suggested Wynn's again. I worried, because the soup was again murky, and the stuff floating in it looked like so much flotsam and jetsam (just tiny pieces of foo jook and meat that had broken off the the bone) ... except this time it was quite flavorful.
                  Had the fried flounder again, gailan with beef and Mongolian chicken (Dad is a creature of habit). The gailan was crisp and bright, the beef tender.
                  I think this is going to be the regular Dad place now, along with King Wah in Sunnyvale.
                  The $17.99 menu is all in Chinese. I guess you can guess your way through the menu with whatever rudimentary character knowledge you have, or you can bring along someone. I guess I'll bring along Dad.