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Sep 27, 2007 07:43 PM

Feeling Melrose Bar and Grill

I was a fan of the old Doug Arangos on Melrose in W. Hollywood. But checked out the new room today, new name, same cooks, same wine list, more relaxed bistro food. But the new room is much more laid back, added boots and a fireplace and lower light fixtures to make it a lot less cavernous and intimidating then the old room. Still nice folks, the thin crust pizzas are still yummy but I was digging the vibe a lot more. Didn't have a full dinner. Has anyone been an early adopter? Any recommendations?

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    1. I've been there twice for lunch and three time for dinner already and I love the new decor. It's like Aspen meets NY pub with a little W hotel going on. The room is a vast improvement over the old decor and the menu is much less expensive yet I find the quality to be very high still. I had the Fabulous Duck Burger with Gouda Cheese and Cherry Ketchup for lunch both visits and all three dinner visits I had my old standby, Cripsy Chicken Breast with Whipped Potatoes and Carrots. The fresh baked to order Pretzel with Grilled Spicy Sausage appetizer is a must have and I paired it with a Craftsman Tap Beer that I had never tried before. It was excellent. I notice a much younger and later crowd now too probably because of the more inviting and warmer decor.

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        I was thinking of going there tonight with a friend in town. Is there a good size crowd? I don't mind going to restaurants that aren't full but because she is an out of towner I want her to feel like she isn't going to unpopular place.

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          I'd make a reservation for 8pm as it gets going around then and not 6pm like the old venue, try the pretzel and the pizza