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Sep 27, 2007 07:28 PM

Hells Kitchen Restaurant Crawl

looking to crawl again, and you guys were most helpful crafting my west village crawl back in August.

Tomorrow night the crawl will be in Hells Kitchen. Go to a place, have a glass of wine, walk 5-10 minutes to the next venue, have an appetizer and a glass of wine, repeat until money or time runs out. The theme will be John Irvings book "The Fourth Hand", if that makes any difference.

Starting point will be 9th Ave low 50's. Suggestions?

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  1. Not sure if I get the theme of the crawl, but here are a few of my favorites in the neighborhood:

    Shimizu (sushi -- 51st betw. 8th and 9th); Toloache (modern Mexican -- 50th at 8th); Casellula (cheese and wine bar -- off 9th in the 50s); Kyotofu (Japanese morsels, desserts, sake -- 9th at 48th); Azuri Cafe (Israeli, no liquor -- 51st betw 9th/10th); Tulcingo del Valle (authentic mexican -- 10th betw 46th and 47th).

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      re: the theme of the crawl -- we've both read the book and are going to discuss it whilst consuming the libations and small plates.

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        Viceversa on 51st between 8th & 9th has a nice bar and excellent food (Italian)
        Marseilles on 9th & 44th has a French-style zinc bar, good wines by the glass, and very good French Mediterranean (and Moroccan) food.
        Hell's Kitchen on 9th and 47th is good contemporary Mexican food and very good margaritas (a small bar).

        Big caveat, though - all these places are apt to be very crowded before 7:30 due to the pre-theatre rush. After 8:00 is best for this area.

    2. Make a stop at Ariana Afghan Kebab; Empanada Mama; Q2 Thai; Roberto Passon. Maybe even Xing. Just check whether they have a liquor license or be prepared to skip the glass of wine.

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          I'd heard that rumor, too, but Xing was definitely open when I walked by on Saturday. It's a great place, though if the OP is going there, they should go to Whym, too.

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            Wow, good to hear, JungMann. I really enjoyed Xing, myself. What type of food is served at Whym? I remember when it opened...just as I moved out of HK.

            1. re: LeahBaila

              It's a modern take on American sort of the way Xing is a modern take on Xing. I think it'd be an interesting contrast to see how recipes can be updated East vs. West.

      1. Vintage on 9th and 50th. Really good for what you're looking for - food, drinks, and if you get the room in the back, lots of comfortable couches to discuss your book.

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          Vintage has food? I wouldn't guess that's really a focus, I think they have their hands full with the 10-page martini list.
          I 2nd and 3d Casellula, as well as Hells Kitchen. Also Riposo46 (46th and 9th), the flatbreads are delicious.
          Whym is fine, but don't go out of your way for it, there's no room to sit at the bar so it'll be hard to stop by for a quick bite.
          I'd start with a glass of wine or a cocktail at Sortie (51st between 8th and 9th), I like sitting at the bar and chatting with the bartenders before it gets too crowded. They also used to have pretty good food, but last time I was there they closed the kitchen to revamp the menu, so don't come hungry just in case. Get the cocktail with the fig or a glass of Cosentino if they happen to have some.

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            This isn't in the same family as the Vintage on Broadway & 93rd, NY wines and such?

          2. Since the book starts in India... how about some Indian? I'm not too familiar with good Indian in Hells Kitchen though.

            I would suggest going to Nook. I suggest the mushroom cigars and Konrad's goulash. Somehow, you can wrap that into the theme of the book, can't you?! However, it is BYOB if that matters in your crawl.

            1. Much thanks to all. We started at Casellula, with a glass of wine and a 3 cheese flight, chef's choice, which was great. We got there at 7pm, and it was only half full, giving us a spot at the bar. Within 20 minutes it was packed out.

              Next we walked down to Marseilles, again sitting at the bar. This was about 8.15, so I guess the theatre crowd cleared out. A glass of malbec/cab sav blend, and we shared the ricotta gnocchi (and secured some bread to mop up the sauce)

              On to ViceVersa, where we switched beverages. She had an Amstel light while I had a dirty martini, half vodka (Kettel), half gin (Beefeater) which was a very good martini. We split the chef's special mushroom and artichoke risotto.

              Each place was quite good. Wish we had had more time, but we're both up and out early this morning. I'm sure I'll have a HK crawl parts 2, 3, and 4.

              Much thanks again CH'ers