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Sep 27, 2007 05:57 PM

new york subs closed permanently?

what happened to new york subs on queen west?

the place was closed around noon time today with their mailbox overstuffed.

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  1. I walked past it today, and the doors were locked.. This is not good.

    I loved their jumbo veg burritos.

    1. Can't say I'm surprised.

      Their quality has declined quite steeply in the last couple of years, and I gave up going about a year ago after a particularly bad burrito (and the terrible counter service that came with it). I don't think I'm the only one, either... a few people I know have said the same.

      Too bad. It was the best burrito in town, once upon a time.

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      1. re: tartiflette

        oh yea - try the chicken burrito with greese leaking out the bottom - got so gross at times. AND it stunk in there from grease.

      2. Seems to coincide with the downward slide of Ghandi, owned by the same peeps...

        1. My one trip there offered a beef burrito that was mighty tasty but stuffed with almost unchewable beef. I basically pulled bits out with my teeth, gnashed them as best I could and swallowed them almost whole.


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          1. re: Davwud

            That's a shame as I really loved the potato burrito. They had a serious ventilation issue though. I ate there once and needed a shower and change of clothes to get rid of the great/grill smell. I got take out from then on!

          2. ...Just passed it on the streetcar, open for bisness as usual...sign of relief? or cringe? i've always turned a blind eye to the grease filth, now that I've confronted it I might be through!..but I am weak, we will see....

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            1. re: Recyclor

              "Nothing wrong with a little honest dirt."

              Anthony Bourdain