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Sep 27, 2007 05:18 PM

Breakfast in Denver

I'll be arriving ridiculously early to Denver this Sunday and need to kill some time before showing up at the friend's place (and don't want to go to Denny's). What would be a good place for an early breakfast (8ish), nothing too fancy, from Denver downtown to the south (my ultimate destination is Highlands Ranch)? I'm coming from the airport.

Many thanks!

PS This is my first post, so I did my best hunting around for info beforehand. My apologies if I missed something :-)

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  1. Had a great breakfast a few weeks ago at Snooze downtown. A unique twist on Eggs Benedict with beef filet, roasted poblano peppers, and perfectly poached eggs. Not cheap, but worth it.

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      Also Toast on West Bowles in Littleton (one of the southern suburbs). It opens at 6:00 a.m. Read an enthusiastic review at

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        Here is a recent thread on favorite breakfast places around Denver.

        It kind of depends on how far you want to drive out of your way. Downtown is a little bit of detour on the way to Highlands Ranch - not too bad though- so you might like going downtown and going to someplace like Dozens (my favorite) or Snooze. Or going by way of Santa Fe and hitting Toast. If you are looking for someplace more on the way there is a Sams#3 not to far off I-225 and an Original Pancake House (not an IHOP- actually really good) off I-25. Have fun!

    2. The Delectable Egg has different variations of Eggs Benedict, several skillet choices that are very good. There are 2 locations downtown and now have one in Lowery Town Center which is not as far as downtown on the way in from DIA.

      1. You could also try Annie's on 8th Avenue just East of Colorado Boulevard. I'd take I-70 to Colorado Boulevard, take that South, continue going south on Colorado after breakfast and hook onto I-25 South to head down to Highland's Ranch.