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Sep 27, 2007 04:57 PM

Brandywine in Woodland Hills...anyone ever been?

I keep noticing it as I drive down Ventura, & I have to admit, I'm intrigued. The reviews online seem favorable so far. I'm just wondering, has anyone been? How was it?

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  1. I went with my family quite a few years ago. We all enjoyed it, and my father earlier today said he wants to go there for his birthday this weekend. It is a small restaurant with a personable host, serving continental food. It was so long ago, I don't remember details about our meal, other than we had no complaints.

    1. I quite like them. They describe themselves as "continental" but their French dishes are quite good, like the chateaubriaund and the escargot.

      1. It's a rather great little nieghborhood gem! The food and service are consistently (over a span of the fifteen or so years I've been going there) very good and the banquette offer a little privacy so you can hear your conversations...

        1. I haven't been in a while myself, but we used to go for special occasions, it was/is a gem. I always order the muscovy duck breast --it was perfectly prepared every time. My dad usually gets whatever game they're offering. Their sauces and reductions are fantastic. I love that they start you off with an amuse of sliced house cured gravlax. I'd hightly recommend Brandywine.

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            Had dinner at Brandywine again last night, thought I'd add that with Wild Salmon prices so high right now, he doesn't always off the cured gravlax (very dissapointing), but instead offers a small bowl of very good chopped olives in olive oil, with a slice of creamy goat cheese in lieu of (or in addition to) butter with their warm bread. And I'd forgotten, they make an excellent tableside Caesar Salad for two (raw egg yolk, anchovy, and a lot of garlic -- the works, romain, fresh, crisp, and sweet). For the first time I veered from the Muscovy Duck Breast, and went with the Divers Scallops, which was the star of the show at our table. Seared, perfect, with a pernod/beurre blanc, and a side of sauteed mushrooms and spinach. Fantastic. This little place is still a gem, everything is homemade, including the ice cream (which I recommend).

            At least last night, he was offereing fresh Abalone, it was a bit too steep for us at about $49, but if you've got to have it, I'm sure they do it right. Other dishes are more in the 23 - 36 range (fyi).