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Sep 27, 2007 04:45 PM

Good, inexpensive suppertime eats in downtown Calgary?

Man, I'm starving like you wouldn't believe. Other than anything from the sea, I'm open to suggestions. Anything near the Eaton Centre?

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  1. I'm still here and I'm still hungry. I've always been surprised at how good the burger and soup at Fourth & Fourth can be. Likewise the Thursday night steak sandwich and soup at Murph's. I'm not talking high-end here, people; just good, very honest food prepared with real wholesome ingredients.

    I need to sit down and dine.

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    1. re: maclock

      Just outside downtown on Edmonton trail go to Deluxe Diner for Dinner and order the Baked Mac and Cheese with Sundried tomatoes, basil and white cheddar or the veal meatloaf with dijon mash potatoes and gravy.

      If that's too far go to the James Joyce pub on Stephen Ave and get a Lamb Burger and a pint of Guiness!

      1. re: maclock

        It LOOKS expensive, but you can cobble together a great dinner at Opus on 8 for $25 or less, as long as you skip the $12 martini. Their pot stickers are deeeeelicious and $10 for a big order (8 or 10 dumplings but they're big), plus, say, sushi pizza w/ smoked trout and you're done. That would be a huge dinner for one person (the dishes are meant to be shared but it's not a law or anything).

        If you want more good bar food, James Joyce has been mentioned and you already know Murph's- there is also a fantastic Persian place in the apartment towers at 9th and 9th, it's called Atlas and it is terrific, and not at all expensive.

        Of course, if I want real value DT I go to Chinatown...

        1. re: John Manzo

          I second Chinatown. Great value with variety. Try Harbour City or U&Me for "traditional" communal dish Chinese or Calgary Court for Hong Kong-style noodles, rice, and congee. There are also a couple of Vietnamese places.

          Near Eaton Centre, I'd visit the Rose Garden Thai Restaurant on the on Stephen Ave. by 1 St. SW.

          1. re: aktivistin

            You know what, I'm such a cheapskate (and I usually dine alone) that when I go to Chinatown, I usually just go to Sliver Dragon or Bobby Chao's and get the dinner for one. Cop out, I know, and not very authentic, but very good value.

            I do enjoy Rose Garden and used to done there a lot, but I find that the quality of their beef if very disappointing. Now, I know that the portions are very generous in size, and I know that everything else they put in is good quality stuff, but I almost wish that they would reduce the portion size a but and use a much higher quality beef.

            I shall try Opus and Atlas.

            By the way, in the end, I went to Vogglio's D'Pizza. While it didn't change my life, or anything, it was very good value and I agree it is of far higher quality than the grease wheel offered up by other pizzerias in this town. I hope that it goes the distance.