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Sep 27, 2007 04:26 PM

lunch in Wellesley?

I'm looking for recommendations for a lunch for 2 in Wellesley that isn't *too* expensive or excessively long and drawn out (in other words, we need to go back to work but could probably go a little over an hour). A plus if it is readily accessible from Waltham. We like all kinds of food but pork would be out.
many thanks!

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  1. Alta Strada is very nice for lunch. It's hip and the food is delicious. Sometimes I get a sandwich at Tuto Italiano and sit outside and enjoy it. Both of these restaurants make excellent sandwiches.

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      I love the Dorset Tea House -

      second the rec for Alta Strada - esp. if you get the homemade ricotta

    2. My wife, the in-laws, and I had a great dinner at Amarin last week (they also do lunch). The food was excellent (we split a bunch of entrees including the seafood bouquet, chicken massaman curry, beef basil and pork ginger) and the beef-kabob appetizer was fantastic.

      1. Cafe Mangal does nice lunch but no alcohol. Blue Ginger is a great place for lunch and I have had service that is good enough to get in and out in reasonable time. Lunch at Blue Ginger is a great way to enjoy this famous place without the dinner reservation hassle. For Japenese- Yama, across from Whole Foods, upstairs is quite good.