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Sep 27, 2007 04:18 PM

Brunch eggs or pork

I need an entree for a brunch I am hosting this Sunday (12 guests total, about 4 of them kids). For health and religious reasons of some of the guests, I can't serve pork or eggs. Any suggestions?

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  1. No eggs at all? So, no baked goods that use eggs as leavener? Because that leaves out all my easy suggestions of pancakes, coffee cake, sweet rolls, etc.

    Definitely fruit salad with fresh berries. Whip up some fresh cream to serve on top (kids love that... I do, too). Sprinkled with raw sugar it looks really pretty.

    How about tea sandwiches? Cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon. Goat cheese, walnut, and pear. Brie and apple. PB&J (for the kids, cut into triangles).

    Beef meatballs served on toast points? Some variation of biscuits and gravy (can you make sausage gravy with ground beef)?

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    1. re: leanneabe

      I can use eggs in baked goods, but it's the main dish I'm inquiring about. I want to have protein because everything else will be fruit, dairy and muffins.

      Sorry if that was unclear. Thanks for the response.

      1. re: leanneabe

        1) Kedgeree (rice flavored with curry powder and mixed with flaked salmon served with lemon wedges and chutney. 2) Chunks of boneless chicken breast in chicken gravy served on hot baking powder biscuits. 3) Baked corned beef hash (make it---don't use the canned dogfood type). 4) Shrimp Creole served with cornmeal spoonbread. 5) Crepes filled with chopped chicken in chicken gravy, more gravy on top, baked in big flat casserole. 6) Baked seafood casserole using stuffing mix, mayonnaise, green pepper, celery, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and any desired combination of seafood (shrimp, crabmeat, salmon); season to taste. 7) Sausages not made of pork (turkey etc) wrapped in frozen puff paste and baked, served with some interesting sauce. 8) Is quiche out if you can have baked goods with eggs? 9) Ditto, can you have eggs in baked French toast?

        1. re: Querencia

          You need eggs for crêpes, so those might be out too.

          Kedgeree's typically made with smoked herring, I think, and you usually have a boiled egg on top. I've made a veg version with lentils and smoked tofu before.

          1. re: piccola

            Smoked halibut in kedgeree... never seen herring.

            1. re: hungry_pangolin

              Oops, wrong fish. Shows how much I pay attention to non-veg things. :-)

      2. Salmon. Good for brunch. Smoked, gravlax or poached. Works in many applications.

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          I like the idea of salmon, but i'm not sure how it will go over with the kids. My 8 year old loved smoked salmon, but I think that's a little unusual.

          1. re: chocolate chick

            You could do a smoked salmon "hash" type dish, with potatoes, peppers if you want, and smoked salmon. Maybe if it wasn't just smoked salmon on its own it would go over better.

            Also, there are a lot of brands that do chicken and turkey sausages (although the casing might be a pork product, so don't know if that would work...)

          1. Any interest in shrimp and grits or a cheese grits souffle'?

            1. I was going to suggest poached salmon, about a "carving station" of roast turkey, or beef, or lamb.

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              1. re: Marge

                I love the idea. However, I don't think I have ever successfully made a turkey breast without drying it out. Any tips? Also, what cut of beef would you recommend?

                1. re: chocolate chick

                  I use Reynold's oven bags for moist turkey breast successfully. For tender lean (albeit expensive) beef roast I like tenderloin.

                  1. re: chocolate chick

                    non-dry turkey: oven probe thermometer...don't cook the breast past 170.

                    Shrimp and grits is a great idea.

                    I had a great brunch dish at Prune in NYC: a bowl of fresh ricotta, topped with fresh figs, walnuts, drizzled w/ honey. You could use farmers cheese in place of the ricotta (or part of it) if you need something lower fat.

                    1. re: chocolate chick

                      If you want to make a moist turkey breast brine it before cooking it.