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Sep 27, 2007 04:08 PM

my SRIPRAPHAI visit pics

SRIPRAPHAI visit pics by mrnyc, 9/27/07

here are some pics of my typical generic lunch visit to thee best thai restaurant in the usa, SRIPRAPHAI in woodside, queens, ny. i stopped by today after work.

arrgh! it's down there tantalizing me from the #7 train on the way to work in flushing - lol!

later on -- we're here at last -- here's the entrance

the inside is renovated and expanded over the last few years [IMG]

chang thai beer

mild tofu & minced chicken soup

broiled shredded catfish salad

little at a time, unlike most thai places it's all very authentically spicy at SRI!

the coconut rice side is best, but i got brown

the 'new' & lovely back garden

the must have savory & goodie to-go cooler

today's pics were banana bread

and a sweet rice w/ 4 toppings

now thats a great lunch!

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  1. Thank you for this feast for the eyes, mrnyc! i love that sweet rice dessert. now i'm hungry...

    1. thanks for the visual journey. i'm going there today for the first time so this was a good primer. you've convinced me to order the catfish salad. all that green looks so healthy and good.