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Near Pico and Motor

Where to eat near Pico and Motor? All ethnic foods, any price is okay. Open to all suggestions.

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  1. Tuk tuk thai is just east a mile or so on Pico. Good westside Thai food.

    Menu available here: http://www.tuktukla.com/

    1. You've got three choices -- stay on Pico (they've got a great burger at Apple Pan), go north a bit on Westwood and get middle eastern food (Sunnin, Sheherazaad, etc.), or go south down to Culver City for a wide variety of options (Ford's Filling Station, Fraiche, Gaby's, Annapurna, Sabor de Mexico, etc.)

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        And in case the OP happens to be a fan of sushi then they are in luck, as one of the three best sushi places in all of LA is close to Pico and Motor: Sushi Zo

        Sushi Zo
        9824 National Blvd Unit C
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

      2. Other places you're very close to include John O'Groats for breakfast and lunch and for higher end, Craft in Century City.

        1. On Westwood, there's also Junior's Deli, Shamshiri, Feast from the East, Cal Chicken Cafe

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            And Eduardo's, where I used to eat *all the time* when I worked at Fox.

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              Oh yes. Eduardo's, great charbroiled chicken and salsa.

          2. Pico & Motor - sounds like 20th Century Fox to me. All of the below could be driven to in approx. 10 minutes or less "IF" there was no traffic (but of course there will be).

            Turning North on Beverwill up to Olympic, right on Olympic for:

            Cafe Telasi - Thai - 9198 Olympic Blvd. (at Oakhurst Dr.).

            Staying on Beverwil past Olympic which turns into Beverly Dr. for:

            Sushi Sushi - 326 1/2, So. Beverly Dr., (310) 277-1165

            Frida - High-End Mexican - 236 So. Beverly Dr.

            Mako - Asain/French - 225 So. Beverly Dr.

            On Motor till National turn right for affordable ethnic:

            Indo Cafe - Indonesian - 10428 1/2 National Blvd., (310) 815-1290

            Hu's Szechwan - Chinese - 10450 National Blvd.

            On Pico then right (North) on Westwood Blvd:

            Pastina - Italian - 2260 Westwood Blvd., (310) 441-4665
            Reasonably priced Italian

            Keep going North for;

            Persian food (6 locations, all on right side of street).

            Ambala Dhaba - Indian - 1781 Westwood Blvd., (310) 966-1772

            Delphi - Greek - 1383 Westwood Blvd., (310) 478-2900

            On Ave of the Stars - takes you into Century City for not much ethnic food worth trying.

            1. Buttercake bakery is on the north side of Pico by Prosser. It's a little place with alot of heart. They make all things that aren't necessary but essential - cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I never leave without a smile on my face.


              As many have already mentioned, you're very close to alot of great Persian food places. Rose Market on Westwood Blvd caters to the Persian residents in the general area, but many folks from all cultural walks come specifically for the ice cream, most of the flavors of which are different, if not exotic to the average ice cream slinger. Chocolate is available. Pistachios doesn't sound exotic, but combined with rosewater and saffron, this classic combination gets most folks lining up at their simple ice cream counter. Many of the flavors utilize various produce that is in season. Cantelope and cucumber immediately come to mind but who knows what's ready to go in the case today. Order one of their ice cream sandwiches and I defy you to get your mouth around it...

              Rose Market
              1922 Westwood Blvd
              LA, CA 90064

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                North of Rose Market on Westwood Blvd (north of Santa Monica), is a nice little market called Super Westwood. I went in there for the first time last night and was pleasantly surprised. It's small, but they had a very nice selection of Mashti Malone's ice cream, a good selection of Persian candy (nougat, nuts, honey in various combinations), fresh, good bread, and some other stuff. Given a choice, I'd probably still go to Rose Market, but if Super Westwood happens to be more convenient for you, then it's worth a shot.

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                  Thank you for the tip! I've driven by but the name has always thrown me off. Mashti alone is worth the trip...

              2. What's the latest on Breadbar? I walked past it in the Century City Mall last week (after having eaten already). Worth a stop next time?

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                      They use really high-end ingredients and it works well. They've partnered up with a great olive oil producer in Spain, they use Beverly Hills cheese store for their cheese, their bread is obviously first class, their coffee is great, they're using June Taylor jams -- they've got the right idea. I'm a big fan.

                    2. You've also got the brand new FOOD on Pico.

                      And Junior's deli on Westwood.

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                        I'm trying to find more info on FOOD on Pico- any links?