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Sep 27, 2007 03:36 PM

North Carolina vegetarian recs

I apologize if I missed the North Carolina board somewhere.

I have a vegetarian friend who just began attending grad school at NC State. I wanted to surprise him with some trusty recommendations from my fellow CHers for good places to go.

So help me out guys! :)

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  1. Asheville - seriously, where in NC?

    1. There are numerous vegetarian options in the triangle, you just have to look a little harder there than in Asheville! There is a large & varied Asian population, so many, many places for friend to explore. If your friend is not familiar with southern cooking, be advised that many dishes that appear veg. may have meat (usually pork) added for seasoning - so ask! There is an active slow foods group, Whole Foods, Earth Fare (s.e. chain similar to WF), & TJ - all have some prepared items, WF & EF both have salad bar, hot bar & deli. A few restaurants that come to mind are Sunflower Sandwich Shop on Peace St. (1/2 the menu is veg., nice soups & sand.) , Neomonde off Hillsborough for mid. -eastern, Udipi is So. Indian, all veg. menu, Zely & Ritz with a local focus. If your friend enjoys cooking there are many CSA options for next year & several farmers markets, a multitude of Asian & Latin markets too. Yes, you may notice the chains first, but there are many indies and quite a few of them try to use organic and/or local when possible. Search the South board, you will find lots more!

      1. Search for previous threads on vegetarian/vegetarian friendly restaurants. Generally speaking, your friend will want to stay clear of chain restaurants.

        1. Thanks for all of the feedback everyone (especially meatn3 for going into so much detail!)

          1. Neomonde is a good suggestion. There is also Baja Burrito in Mission Valley on Western, Lily's Pizza, Mellow Mushroom, Nur Deli, Cafe Zest in North Raleigh, and Lotus Leaf in Cary.