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Sep 27, 2007 03:35 PM

Marina Del Rey Marriott - Nearby?

I'll be going for a weekend getaway in the month of October and staying at the Marina Dely Ray Marriott. Any suggestions as to what's good nearby? Really unfamiliar with the area. Something not to pricey, but yet with a good vibe and/or close to a bar scene. Thanks!

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  1. If you search the board for Marina del Rey and Venice, you'll find tons of options and they're all relatively close to the Marriott. Mind you, this is LA, so you'll want to drive to many of them.

    My personal recommendations would be to eat and drink on Abbott Kinney. At the south end, you've got Beechwood for drinks and appetizers. in the heart of Abbot Kinney, you've got The Other Room for drinks, 3 Square for brunch, Joe's for brunch or dinner, Lilly's for lunch, and a few other options. In MDR, there is 26 Beach for a good burger or salad. And a bit further afield in MDR, there is Antica Pizza for good neapolitan style pizza.

    And I should not forget to mention Venice's precious taco trucks in the Rose/Lincoln area.

    1. Definitely Beechwood, which is technically the Marina.

      Will you have a car?

      The suggested Abbot Kinney and Venice is the best you'll find - in almost all of LA. Great bars (Otheroom, Brig), great food (Joe's, Axe, Wabi Sabi, Primativo, Lillys, 3 Square)

      Main Street has Chaya Venice and Chinois, and further up, into Santa Monica, there's a million choices.

      1. Don't know your travel situation or car status...

        For a healthy breakfast, head up to Firehouse in Venice. 3 Square is also in Venice.

        Chaya Venice has a good vibe and good food. Cafe del Rey is a little bit pricier.

        World Cafe up on Main is cheaper and good vibed.

        You can head up into Santa Monica if you like, as one of my favorite places to hang is Renee's Courtyard Cafe on Wilshire... decent food, or eat near by, then come here for the music and the wonder New Orleans/Tuscan cross feel of the patio... In SM, you've got Ocean Ave Seafood, Fritto Misto, i Cugini, Bay Cities for lunchtime sandwiches, Father's Office for the famed burger, etc.

        Rose Cafe and Lilly's French Cafe are both nice lunch options with their patios. Gaby's Mediterranean is also good and more casual.

        For brunch, try Jer-Ne at the Ritz Carlton (no it's not cheap per se, but quite good).

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          Since Main Street can be fun, I'd add going to Library Alehouse, Rick's Tavern, Via Veneto (more expensive), the new Hidden, and La Vecchia Cucina.

          Check out Abbot Kinney.

          Also consider Main Street in El Segundo.

          Pann's is close and good for any time of the day.
          Aunt Kizzy's for soul food and Alejo's for Italian.
          Taqueria Sanchez for a quick, cheap bite or Paco's Tacos.
          Hal's Bar and Grill
          Irori Sushi for sushi and sake (bombing :-)
          Baby Blues BBQ
          Mercedes Grill
          Brickhouse Cafe
          Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe

        2. For one of the best Italian places in the city and an initimate LA experience, head over to Piccolo in Venice, about 50 yards from the beach:

          Only thing is that you need to be in the mood to wait unless if you get there right when they open. Grab a beer from one of the nearby bars and they'll call you.

          1. I had a really nice breakfast last month with a friend that was staying at the Marriott. And it's super close... Just walk through the Glow lounge to the back exit and you will walk up to a little shopping plaza right on Washington. Joni's Coffee Roaster is the spot. It's in the shopping plaza- just look for the tables and chairs outside.

            For Dinner I HIGHLY recommend C&O Trattoria also on Washington but take Washington all the way west to the beach. Careful because there's 2 C&O Trattoria's on Washington but I'm recommending the one right by the beach for the ambiance. Opt for outside seating and enjoy yourself with affordable Italian family style dining (and free delicious garlic knots). There's a cork fee if you want to bring your own wine ($15 maybe) but they also have house wine by the glass- sometimes on the honor system. C&O also has a yummy brunch. It's right by the pier on Washington and there's a good selection of bars on the same block- all right by the beach.

            If you want Mexican - Baja Cantina is right there on Washington as well and it's really close to the Marriott.

            C & O Trattoria
            31 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

            Joni's Coffee Roaster Cafe
            552 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA

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              I'm not familiar with Joni & Friends, so I cannot comment. However, I did notice that the address listing is Agoura Hills, so that's clearly not the one in Marina del Rey.

              I have to respectfully disagree on the recommendation for C&O. They've got warm bread that's pretty good -- I'll grant them that. And it's nice to sit outside. However, the entrees seem to be more well known for their quantity than their quality. In my more cynical moments, I have been known to slam C&O for just being a big-ticket version of Chef Boyardee, but I'm calm right now and I will acknowledge that that would be too harsh. But I really do believe that C&O is a big step beneath the food you would find at 3 Square, Joe's, Beechwood, etc. A big step down.